How to Deal with a Loss of Income Due to COVID19

April 2, 2020

We’re living in uncertain times. There’s a pandemic going on around the world right now and for many people, it means that they’re not sure what’s going to happen with their jobs and businesses. Many people who work in areas like hospitality or retail have been asked to take unpaid leave or even been laid off from their jobs as a result of social distancing; people are avoiding going out in order to try and stop the spread of the virus.

If you’ve found yourself suddenly out of work or struggling financially because of the coronavirus, what can you do?

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Help is available for those who have been affected financially by the spread of coronavirus. If you have suddenly found yourself out of a job, you might be able to get welfare payments or an emergency loan to keep you going. Speak to your landlord or mortgage company, utility companies, and anybody else that you pay money to, to inform them of your situation. They may be able to help you with a payment break so that you don’t need to worry about your outgoings until your situation improves. You certainly won’t be the only person in this situation, and measures are being put in place to help you. If you need quick cash, you might want to consider payday bad credit loans – but only do this if you’re sure you’re going to be able to make repayments.

Consider Looking for New Work

You might think that getting a new job in the midst of a pandemic is going to be impossible, but in reality, there are options available including remote hiring. However, most of these jobs will usually involve working with the public, so consider whether it is the right option for you in terms of your health and wellbeing. Grocery stores and supermarkets, for example, are experiencing high demand right now, and many of them are taking on temporary staff to make sure that shelves are restocked and customers are able to get what they need. Or, if you feel compelled to help people in this situation, you might want to consider applying to work as an assistant in healthcare. The healthcare industry needs as many good people as they can get.

Make Money Online

There are many options for you to consider when it comes to making money online. And if you are social distancing or self-isolating at home, online options are ideal for you as you don’t need to put yourself at risk by mixing with the public. Check out social media; there are many groups where you can find odd jobs such as composing and answering emails, looking after company social media accounts, writing articles, or editing videos. If you have a skill like web design, now is a great time to use it, since more and more businesses are going to be focusing on their online presence heavily in the next few weeks and months.

If you’re among the many people affected financially by the coronavirus, don’t panic. Even though it’s hard to tell exactly what’s going to happen right now, there are options you can take advantage of to improve your situation.

How to Make Airport Travel Less Stressful

When you are planning your next vacation, you will have so much to look forward to. Maybe you are planning an island getaway for some much-needed rest and relaxation, or perhaps you are going to set off on an adventure in a foreign city full of culture and excitement. No matter what your trip has in store, there is one thing that you are very likely dreading as the necessary evil involved in any trip: going to the airport.

Airports tend to be overcrowded with passengers and employees who would probably much rather be elsewhere. Long lines at check-in, security, and restaurants can add to the stress of having to make it to your gate on time only to stand in another line to board the aircraft.

While it might not be the most fun part of your trip, being at the airport is a necessity. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to make the experience a bit less stressful so that you can start your vacation off right.

Plan Ahead

From the moment you arrive at the airport, you are faced with some tedious and time-consuming tasks. You can decrease the amount of time you have to dedicate to such things, though, by doing a bit of planning ahead of time.

If you are traveling through one of the larger airports, you might not be looking forward to finding a parking space upon your arrival. Lots seem always to be full, and the cost of parking at an airport is high. However, you can book a parking spot in advance to save yourself some time and money. For example, if you would like to book a spot at Newark Airport Parking, you can rest assured that your vehicle will be under constant security while you are away so that you can relax. It will also mean that you do not have to stress about arriving early to try and find an elusive parking space.

Another thing that you can do to save yourself some stress upon arriving at the airport is check-in for your flight online. Most airlines will allow you to do this around 24 hours before your flight. You can save time by packing carry-on luggage only so that upon arriving at the airport, you can just head straight to the security checkpoint.

Download the Airport’s App

These days there indeed seems to be an app for everything, including airports. By downloading the app for the airport that you will be traveling through, you can have a look at any amenities that will be available to you. Some airports now even offer the ability to order food from various restaurants via their app so that all you have to do is stop by and pick up your meal. This does away with standing in long lines for food entirely.

You can also have a look at the airport’s map so that you know exactly where you are heading once you get through the security line.

Ways to Make Your Family Travel Plans Happen Amid a Busy Schedule

It’s frustrating when you always plan your family trips, but they don’t happen. Everyone has an excuse for not making it. Whether it’s work-related or about school projects, you have no choice but to cancel the trip. Some of your family members have other priorities, and this trip isn’t one of them. Before you lose hope, it’s still possible to make this plan a reality.

Plan months ahead 

It’s easy for everyone to say that they’re busy because you only finalized your plans for the last minute. If you can plan everything, it would be great. Every family member can place the travel date on their calendar. They won’t accept any other appointment or task on that date.

Have a family meeting

It’s also possible that your family members are making up excuses not to attend the trip. They’re not too busy, but they don’t seem interested in the plan at all. The best option is to ask everyone to plan the trip as a family. You can set a meeting to discuss the details. No one will feel left out anymore since everyone got involved in planning. You can even delegate tasks if you have adult children, so they will help you pursue this trip.

Avoid trips to distant locations

Another reason why you have to cancel your travel plans is that you’re always thinking about overseas trips. This plan requires everyone to be away for at least a week. Not everyone has that luxury. You can rethink your plans. Try visiting a closer place so that you can do it for one or two days. No one has to make significant sacrifices to join the trip. You can consider renting large houses for rent like the ones at The good thing about this idea is that you will feel like you’ve been to other places. You’re going to stay in a different house that you can call your home for a night or two. It’s like being in a house you will never own. There’s also something for everyone. Your children can have fun in the entertainment and gaming rooms. There’s a swimming pool, billiards room, Jacuzzi, and other features. No one will complain about this plan at all.

Now that you already thought of other ways to make this plan a reality, you will finally make it. You have to regularly plan a trip with your family members. Your children won’t always be around since they will grow and have a family. You might regret that you didn’t spend enough time with them. These trips also create lifelong memories. You want them to have something to remember you by when they grow up.

It’s easy for families to drift apart, especially if everyone is busy. Regardless of what you need to do, you have to allot time for the people you love. It’s also a chance to talk about issues and prevent them from getting worse.

5 surprising health benefits from Brandy

March 29, 2020

Not every drink consumption is bad for health. People have created a negative image of alcohol consumption. Everything has some merits and demerits, so does alcohol. Brandy is a spirit made from grapes that have several healing powers. In cold weather, it can warm you up. When you are down with the flu, it can be your favourite antioxidant. Apart from this, you will be surprised to know that drinking a moderate amount of brandy can provide you with amazing health benefits.

Here are the top 5 surprising health benefits from Brandy

Balance cholesterol level

If consumed in moderate amount, brandy has a positive effect on the heart. Research has proved that brandy contains antioxidants, which have the ability to reduce the extra cholesterol from your heart. It also contains polyphenol, which significantly reduces inflammation in the cardiovascular system helping in lowering the blood pressure. In short, consumption of brandy leads to a balanced cholesterol level and keeps the blood pressure low.

Sleeping Aid and Weight Management

Brandy is often termed as an after-dinner drink. As it has a soothing and relaxing quality, which helps a person to sleep peacefully. So, if you have a sleeping problem, you may try sipping brandy at night. However, make sure you do not consume it just before you are going to sleep. Other than this, if you are concerned about your weight, then brandy can be the right choice for you. It is enjoyed as an aperitif as it would not ruin your appetite. Brandy contains no carbohydrate so, it allows you to keep your weight under control.

Helps in respiratory problems

Conventionally, brandy has been used as an effective means to cure the body of respiratory issues such as sore throats and coughs. The high amount of alcohol in brandy can get rid of bacteria, loosen the mucus and phlegm in the respiratory area. So, you don’t need to go to a doctor if you have a cough and sore throat as it can be easily cured by the inflammatory properties found in brandy.

Anti-ageing Properties

The antioxidants present in brandy contributes to the presence of copper, which has a strong effect on the body. These antioxidants help in wiping out the free radicals in our body or neutralize their effects. The free radicals present in our body are known to mutate or damage the healthy cells. Consumption of brandy is proven to prevent cognitive issues, wrinkling of the skin, impaired vision and other conditions that come with age.

Boosts immune system

If you are suffering from some common cold or flu, then taking a shot of brandy will work as a magic for you. The antibacterial components of brandy help to eliminate the bacteria in no time. So, it`s time to go and shop your favourite brandy from the best brandy brands in India.

Therefore, if someone tells you that alcohol consumption is not good, you should enlighten them with the numerous health benefits of brandy. Moreover, you may buy your favourite brandy from to make your evenings more enjoyable.


How To Have An Affordable Yet Special Family Vacation

Family vacations are important experiences, and every parent will want to whisk their kids away for an unforgettable holiday that shows them the great beauty of the world. Family holidays are a great chance to spend quality time with the kids, to make new memories and to teach them important life skills, but they certainly can be expensive when you factor in travel, accommodation, food, entertainment and any other costs involved. While a family holiday will always be a cost, there are various ways that you can bring these costs down while still providing a valuable experience that you will all enjoy together.

Book In Advance

When you book aspects of your family holiday in advance, you can often find more affordable deals, plus you will have a much greater choice available to you. Alternatively, last-minute deals can help you to make savings, but you will not have much control or variety over the aspects of the trip. You will not have the luxury of traveling outside of school holidays, so booking as far in advance is always intelligent.

Opt For A Staycation

Of course, you do not necessarily have to leave the States for a special trip. Due to the large, beautiful, and diverse country that America is, there will always be somewhere new and exciting to take the kids. In addition to being more affordable, you also have the benefit of having no language barrier and the same culture, which can make these trips stress-free and easier to plan.

Use Coupons, Deals & Promo Codes

The internet is a great resource for saving money when booking a holiday because there are always coupons, deals, and promo codes that you can easily find for aspects like hotels, car rentals, and flights. A Hotwire promo code can be a brilliant way to make big savings and could allow you to afford a nice hotel than you previously would have been able to.

Self-Catering Accommodation

Self-catering accommodation is a good option for a family holiday because it allows you to avoid having to eat out for every meal. Not only this, but with self-catering accommodation, you can also enjoy greater privacy and have a home-away-from-home, so you don’t feel like you have to be out exploring (and spending money) at all times.

Cheap/Free Entertainment

There will always be events and activities which will cost some money, but you can also find lots of ways to entertain yourself and the kids for free or for very little. It will depend on your location, but this might include:

Relaxing on the beach

Long walks


Local parks

Self-guided sightseeing

Avoid Tourist Traps

Following this, you will want to avoid tourist traps at all times as these are expensive, but they also do not provide an authentic experience. This is why you should research your destination beforehand and ask any friendly locals for their recommendations.

Follow these tips, and you could have an affordable family holiday but one which is still fantastic fun, highly valuable, and a special experience for both you and the kids.

How To Get A Business Loan Without Security

Although small businesses now have a range of lenders who are willing to lend to them instead of just traditional banks, the problem is that even today, most lenders only consider creditworthy businesses or those who can put up security against the loan.

Arranging security against a loan can be a challenge for small businesses that have limited assets, to begin with, if they fail to repay the loan, they risk losing the only valuable assets they own, resulting in business operations coming to a halt.

Thankfully, several lenders are willing to provide unsecured financing without the need for security. You just have to make your business seem like a safe investment option for them. Here is how you can obtain an unsecured loan for your business:


Although you can get an unsecured loan even with an average credit score, you will have to pay higher interest as a result. The better your credit rating, the higher your chances of securing an unsecured loan at a reasonable interest rate.

How can you advance your credit rating? The fastest method to do it is by reducing your credit utilization, which is the proportion of your available credit limit used. It makes up 30% of your total credit score. If you are using more than 25% of your current limit, you are damaging your credit score. Pay off your debts, close down any credit facilities you don’t need, and make sure your credit report is free from errors.


If you want a business loan with no money down or security, you need to ensure that you have sufficient cash flow to be able to keep up with the interest payments and also repay the loan. Before you apply, come up with cash flow projections to see whether you have the funds needed to keep up with the loan payments. You are only putting your business’s survival on the line if you choose to obtain a loan you can’t afford to pay off. The lender will also want to see future cash flow projections to ensure that their money is likely to be repaid.


To convince lenders that your business is not a risky investment, you need to put up a business plan that demonstrates this. Create a business plan that includes the vision and objectives of your business, its sources of revenue, and detailed financial statements. You also need to state the purpose for which the loan will use. Most lenders need to see promising revenue generation for at least a year before they approve a loan.


Here are some of the most common unsecured business loans:


These are loans backed by the Small Business Administration to support small to medium-sized businesses. Most SBA loans do not require collateral and even have reasonable interest rates. However, the process is longer than other loans, and you must meet specific eligibility criteria to qualify.


Many online lenders offer both short and long-term unsecured loans to businesses for a variety of purposes. Application and approval on these loans are often relatively quick and straightforward, although the interest rates may be higher, particularly on short-term loans.


This funding option is known to all businesses, and it is a suitable way to finance the business in the short term. Many business credit cards come with an interest-free introductory period, which can be as long as 15 months, making it a desirable financing option. However, a defined repayment strategy needs to be in place to avoid running into financial trouble due to the misuse of business credit cards.


Under this arrangement, you get funding against your outstanding receivables and repay it once your customers pay off their balances. It is a great way to fill a cash flow shortage in the short run.


If you need financing to pay your suppliers, a trade financing loan can be an ideal option. The lender pays your supplier, allowing you to repay the loan within an agreed period, which is usually 120 days.

Trade financing is an excellent way for small businesses to fulfill any large orders quickly, as the suppliers can pay and the necessary inventory procured without any hassle.


To sum up, if you need to obtain a business loan without security, you can easily find several loan options in the market. If you have a decent credit score, sufficient cash flow, and a promising business plan, you should be able to find an unsecured loan that suits your business needs.

Just make sure to consider the terms of an unsecured loan to determine whether it is the best option for the business. Some of these loans come at a higher interest rate than secured loans or require other forms of personal guarantees, which is why you need to be sure that an unsecured loan is what you are after before you opt for it.


How to Budget for Your Next Vacation

Travel is like food for the soul, but there is no denying that it can eat a huge chunk out of your savings if you aren’t careful. The good news is that planning a memorable vacation need not be as expensive as you anticipated.

Here is a helpful how-to guide on how to budget for your big trip, especially in terms of when to save and when to splurge.

The destination

Where you choose to go is of the utmost importance when it comes to saving money on your holiday. There are countless countries out there that promise an unforgettable experience on the cheap – you just need to know where to look and how to find those budget-friendly travel tours. According to those who travel regularly, some of the most affordable destinations for 2020 include:

  • South Africa
  • Indonesia
  • India
  • Colombia
  • Mexico
  • Bulgaria
  • Cuba

The accommodation

This is where you need to be careful when it comes to being stingy with your cash. If you neglect to do your research, you could wind up in a filthy, unkempt inn in the middle of nowhere and far from any of the hot spots and sights that you so desperately wanted to explore.

The best way in which to find cheap accommodation in your destination of choice is to make use of hotel comparison websites or to book tour packages that come with accommodation included in the total price. If you’ll be booking your accommodation on your own, always be sure to look into testimonials written by previous guests to ensure that you are making a good choice.

There is no point in saving if you are uncomfortable for the duration of your getaway, after all.

The food

This is another aspect of a vacation that you need to be careful with. While it may seem tempting to save money by eating cheap street food the entire time you are away, the consequences may not be worth it. A better way to conserve your money is to find an accommodation option that allows for self-catering.

This way, you can purchase fresh local ingredients and make your own food – no need to break your budget by eating out at a different restaurant every evening.

The itinerary

If you have chosen an affordable destination, you should have plenty of remaining money to spend on the activities that you enjoy while you are there. The various activities included on your itinerary are going to be responsible for maximizing the vacation experience, so don’t hesitate to spend a little extra here and there.

A good rule of thumb is to book early, as this will often enable you to take advantage of early bird specials and discounts. You should also strive to keep an eye out for combo deals that could help you save. For instance, many service providers will be partnered with other service providers.

So, if you book to go on a safari game drive on your trip to South Africa, you may score yourself a free breakfast the following morning. Scope out as many deals as you can and watch as the savings sky-rocket the closer you get to the date of your departure flight.

6 Ways to Optimize Images for a Killer Web Design and Performance

February 27, 2020

Do you want your web design and performance to improve?

If so, then you need to optimize your images.

By doing so, not only will your web visitors have a better experience while on your pages, but your website will also load faster, you can convert more visitors into paying clients, and more.

If you’re oblivious about how to optimize your images, then you can check out the tips below.

Let’s dive right in.

1. Leverage high-quality images.

High-quality images are critical in catching your audience’s attention and convincing them to stay longer on your site.

If you don’t have any high-quality image, you can use stock photos offered freely for commercial purposes.

Websites that are excellent sources of stock photos include Pexels, Unsplash, Pixabay, Little Visuals,, Reshot, PicJumbo, Barn Images, and many more.

If you’d like to showcase your portfolio, however, you’ll need to use your own photos.

For instance, if you own a travel blog and want to showcase some of the most beautiful places to visit around the world, you’ll have to take your own shots.

Doing so lets you engage with your followers more effectively and avoid possible copyright issues.

Various guides online are also available to teach you how to take professional-looking photos and refine your photography skills over time.

2. Label your images for SEO.

Did you know that images can help improve your webpage ranking on search engine results?

They can — if you use the right keywords in the file names, captions, and alt tags of your images.

Now, the question becomes, how do you search for the keywords you should be using?

One way is by looking at your site analytics, where you can find keyword patterns that your visitors follow. Get the frequently used keywords and apply them in your file names and alt tags. (If they’re keywords that you’re hoping to rank for, of course.)

Another technique is to uncover and use the words your customers type in when searching for your product.

Be as descriptive as possible, like “navy blue DualShock wireless Bluetooth controller for PlayStation 4” and others.

Once you have the right keywords, you can now replace the default file name of the images, upload them onto your site, and fill in your alt tags accordingly.

3. Resize images for optimal size and resolution.

If you’re conducting an SEO audit and you notice having slow page loading speeds and enormous space consumed, check the size of your images.

A bulk of large images is often one of the causes for pages to load sluggishly — that is, beyond three seconds — which can frustrate and cause your visitors to abandon your site immediately.

As a result, you can experience high bounce rates and a reduced number of page views, which hurt your conversion rates, sales, and others.

If you don’t want to experience any of that, you need to resize your images while keeping their optimal resolution.

You can do that through tools like Optimizilla.

The tool lets you upload the images you want to resize and then yields the results in a matter of seconds.

You can also adjust the desired quality of resolution to your liking.

Through tools like Optimizilla, you can ensure that your images won’t hamper your site’s performance.

4. Save images according to the ideal file type.

Do you know the difference between a JPG and PNG file?

Knowing so helps you determine the file type you should use in saving and uploading your images.

Generally, JPG formats are best for saving and uploading photographs because they can manage all the colors in a fairly small and efficient file size.

On the other hand, PNG file types are best for graphics that use vast, flat spaces of color, like logos, infographics, images with plenty of text, and others.

This format handles areas of text and color with sharp lines, allowing you to zoom in with excellent resolution. It also supports transparent backgrounds, which are useful for logos.

PNGs are also higher in quality and, as a result, frequently larger than JPGs in terms of file size.

If you have photographs with text on them, you can still save them in JPG formats, as long as the text does not comprise the majority of the file.

5. Keep styles and sizes consistent.

Images, as part of your web design, look better when their styles and sizes are similar across the site.

Consistency in image size helps you align your text, paragraphs, and other objects more neatly, making your site look more attractive, professional, and appealing to your visitors.

Consistency in your image styles also makes your design and branding identity look harmonious.

Over time, though, if you find the need to modify your image styles, be sure you don’t stray too far from your known branding identity. Keep it consistent, too, over a considerable period.

If you need to introduce the new style in your images, do it gradually, so you don’t shock your followers with the sudden change.

An example may be from using vintage and hipster patterns to loose and hand-drawn illustrations, which are becoming trendy among 2020 web designs.

Refrain as well from adopting trends in your images and graphic designs just because they’re popular. You need to stay aligned with your brand image.

6. Employ image sitemaps.

If you use photo pop-ups, JavaScript galleries, and other similar methods to enhance your user experience, then you must employ image sitemaps.

If you don’t, web crawlers will have a hard time crawling your site.

To inform crawlers about undetected images and help Google spot them, you need to list their location in the image sitemap.

You can do that by inserting this line in your robots.txt file, which leads the way to the sitemap: Sitemap: http://[your URL]/sitemap_location.xml.

You can also go to the Search Console and submit the sitemap to Google.

With sitemaps, along with their correct format, Google’s guidelines for publishing photos, alt tags, and other techniques, you can boost your SEO efforts and online visibility.


Images can be complete game-changers for your site — if you leverage them correctly.

By applying these techniques, you can make your photos compelling, appealing, easy to load, and others, which, in turn, attracts your customers to respond favorably to your offers.

Take the time to optimize your images now, and you’ll soon see the huge difference it can make to your website and achieving your business goals.


4 Tips for Anyone Considering a Career in Sports

January 29, 2020

A job in sports offers the chance to turn your passion into a career and enjoy several benefits including an attractive salary and fantastic career advancement. However, you should keep in mind that the sports industry is highly competitive. Professional athletes have to dedicate themselves to their sport and work extremely hard to achieve their goals. With this in mind, here are four tips for anyone considering a career in sports:

1. Understand what will be involved

A career in sports can be highly rewarding, but it can also be challenging and demanding at times. To give you an idea, a typical professional athlete will train around 5-6 hours per day, 6 days a week. For that reason, you must be truly passionate about your sport and willing to dedicate the majority of your time to become a professional athlete. Before you pursue a career in sports, you should gain an understanding of what will be involved by doing research and speaking with people in sports. This will help you gain real insight into the industry and decide if a career in sports is right for you.

2. Apply for sports scholarships

If you are serious about a career in sports and have strong athletic ability, then you should research what sports scholarships are available to support you through college. Scholarships are based on merits and can provide valuable support for those hoping to pursue a career in sports. For instance, ASM football scholarships secure students around $100,000 in financial support each year. Make sure you apply for scholarships as early as possible and remember that they are based on athletic and academic performance, so you must maintain good grades to be successful.


3. Have a realistic backup plan

If you are willing to put in the time and hard work, then you should pursue your dreams and work towards a career in sports. However, it is sensible to have a back-up plan just in case things don’t work out. Fortunately, there are many exciting non-athlete careers that would suit someone with an interest in sports. Some popular roles include sports journalists, referees, sports managers, and fitness directors. You should also be aware that most professional athletes retire by their mid-twenties. For that reason, it’s a good idea to start thinking about what you want to do after your playing days are over. Many professional athletes choose to become sports coaches or managers once they have retired from playing.

4. Follow a healthy lifestyle

You must follow a healthy lifestyle if you are hoping to pursue a career playing sports. This means staying active, eating a nutritious diet, and avoiding potentially harmful substances like smoking, drinking alcohol, and taking drugs. Make sure that your diet includes a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates, and protein to keep your body in the best condition. You should consider taking a supplement if you don’t think that you’re getting the correct levels of essential minerals and vitamins in your daily diet. You can find tips on the best foods for athletes by reading food and fitness blogs online.

5 Tips For Taking Great Wedding Photos

Are you an aspiring photographer who would love to dip their feet into the world of professional wedding photos? After all, there’s not much to it, right? Wrong. A person’s wedding is one of the most important days of their lives. It’s your role as the photographer to capture the moment so that they can savor it forever through beautiful imagery.

Capturing the true essence of such an important day isn’t as simple as snapping your camera a few times at the bride and groom. In order to truly seize the moment through the power of your photos, you’ll need to know the right tips. Take a look at what you’ll need to know before you shoot your first wedding.

Shadow A Pro First

When people hire a wedding photographer, they want to know that they’re experienced. The best way to get experienced before your first shoot is to shadow a pro. Get to know the dos and don’ts of wedding photography by following them around while they work.

Through their experience, you’ll be able to learn techniques that you can save for your own shoots later on. Even though you may be convinced that you already know all that there is to know, there’s always more to learn, especially when it comes to wedding photography.

Bring Extra Gear

You never know when unforeseen circumstances could throw you for a loop. When shooting, always bring extra gear, from lenses to batteries. That way, you know that if your equipment fails, that you’ll still be able to deliver what your clients have hired you for.

Bring more than what you think you need in order to ensure that you don’t have any issues during your shoot.

Focus On Precious Moments

Weddings are all about capturing the most precious moments of the ceremony. Most pros will advise you to focus on firsts. For example, capturing the couples first kiss together and first dance as a married couple.

Plan the shoot before you start so that you know when these moments are going to happen. Try to get as many angles as possible!

Move Quickly

When it comes to capturing moments, they can finish in a split second. Therefore, it’s critical that you’re moving quickly. Being on your toes is a vital part of wedding photography. Make sure that you’re always observing and anticipating potential shots.

A wedding shoot is no time to be gingerly walking around as if you’re one of the guests. Get in on the action and move as fast as you can!

Don’t Forget The Guests

When shooting a wedding, a lot of photographers focus mostly on the bride and groom. However, there are other people there celebrating with them. Don’t forget to capture their joy and reaction to the beautiful ceremony!


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