3 Tips For Safely Traveling With An Elderly Loved One

September 22, 2020

While traveling in general can be a stressful and sometimes dangerous situation, hitting the road with an elderly loved one can throw some additional hurdles into your path. But with the right planning and attitude, traveling with an older friend or family member can be just as enjoyable as journeying with any other travel mate.

To help you see how this can be done, here are three tips for safely traveling with an elderly loved one.

Schedule In Down Time

As people age, it becomes much easier for them to get tired and worn out while traveling. Knowing this, Renata Gelman, a contributor to AgingCare.com, advises that you consciously schedule more down time into your travel plans when you’re going with an elderly loved one.

By planning fewer activities during the day and planning to end your adventures earlier than you otherwise might, you’ll ensure that your loved one and travel companion can physically and mentally keep up with you. And because travel can easily tire anyone out, regardless of their age, you might find that you enjoy taking a break in the middle of the day, too.

Keep Their Meds In Check

One thing that you don’t have to have to worry about when traveling with your elderly loved one is any issues with their medications. As a result, it’s virtual that you get everything with their medication or other medical equipment squared away well before you plan to leave on any kind of trip.

In some instances, getting their medications together might entail speaking with their caregiver if they’re not living with you or living on their own anymore. Once you have all the information and medication they’ll need to have on your trip together, Smarter Travel advises that you always pack their medication in a carry-on bag so that it won’t easily get lost. Additionally, you should plan to have at least a few extra days of medication on-hand so that, in the event that things don’t go as planned, you can have easy access to the medication they’ll need.

Choose The Right Accommodations

If your elderly loved one has any kind of mobility issues, you’ll want to be extra careful about the accommodations that you set up. For example, Joy Intriago, a contributor to SeniorsMatter.com, shares that it’s best for most seniors to get a hotel room on the ground floor and close to an entrance. Along with this, you should also try to find accommodations close to the places you’ll be visiting during the day. Then, if you need to take a break in the middle of the day, it’s easy to head back to your accommodations without wasting a lot of time in transit.

If you’re planning to travel with your elderly loved one in the future, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you do so safely and wisely.


5 Most Popular Classic Casino Games for Beginners

September 10, 2020

If you’re new to the online gambling scene, you’ll soon discover that there are hundreds, if not thousands of fun and entertaining games to choose from. Some of the classic games aren’t games of ability but rather games of luck and rely solely on ‘luck of the draw.’ There are also games that involve a certain level of strategy.


Once you have found the best online casino, you can select a handful of popular games that will help you familiarise yourself with the casino scene. Here are a few of the most popular, classic games to get you started in reaping the most rewards.


Blackjack is probably the most common casino game because of its simplicity. With its simple rules, it’s a game you can learn in a very short time. The primary principle of blackjack is to get your hand as near to 21 as possible.

Blackjack offers you the advantage of playing against the dealer only, and as long as you don’t go over 21, your chances of winning are pretty good because this game favours the player! When played properly, Blackjack can be very entertaining.


Roulette, like Blackjack, is very popular because it’s really easy to play. A ball dropped into a spinning wheel ends up in a numbered, slotted compartment. You place your bet before the wheel is spun and if the ball lands on the number you guessed, your bet wins.

Like Blackjack, you can choose to have a simple bet or you could spice it up by choosing red or black, specific groups of numbers, as well as odd or even numbers. Increasing your options could increase your chances of winning.


brown and silver round analog clock

Video Poker

If you’ve ever played five card draw at a real casino table, this is a game you’ll enjoy because it’s actually just the electronic version. The only difference is that there are no opponents. You just need to try and generate the best hand that can win. Unlike playing the slots where you’re relying on luck, video poker is all about strategy and skill.

Slot Games

Probably the easiest on the casino game list, slot games rank as the most played by online casino visitors worldwide. It’s as simple as putting your money in and pressing a button. Slots offer an opportunity to win large sums of money without much effort.


If you enjoy dice games, craps is the game for you. You’re basically betting on the roll of the dice. There are different bets you can make in this game, although seasoned craps players suggest sticking to the ones that are simple and direct.

Wheel of Fortune

Based on the entertaining American TV show, Wheel of Fortune remains quite popular with online users. Three different versions give you a bit of variety to choose from.

In Conclusion

Online gambling offers you the opportunity to engage in the joys of gambling anywhere and at any time. These popular, yet simple games are likely to have you winning in no time!

A Guide to Various Shipping Methods And Benefits

September 1, 2020

Online shopping has been in existence way before the Covid-19 pandemic. It is only the IT savvy people who are comfortable with shopping online, especially those from the younger generation. These also includes those from the older generation who were taught to use the online shopping platforms and found the convenience of online shopping.

Since the pandemic started, online stores began to enjoy an increase in the number of customers and their sales began to increase because many stores were forced to close to curb the spread of the virus. Those who have not done online shopping were left with no choice but forced to turn to online shopping for convenience during the pandemic. Many are beginning to enjoy the ability to shop in comfort without leaving the safety of their home.


With more stores opening up to online facility for their customers, these stores are competing among themselves by offering more varied shipping options to attract more customers. As their businesses grow, online stores are able to provide better quality services such as better and faster shipping options. In order to stay ahead of their competitors and enjoy more return customers, online stores are coming up with various shipping ideas and popular methods.

The most effective and most popular marketing tool in driving more sales to online shopping sites is the free shipping option. When this option is included, customers are encouraged to make the purchase as they can save on cost of shipping. When this option is not included, customers may just leave without even looking through the products or they may have second thought about making their purchase.

There are multiple ways to offer free shipping, such as limiting free shipping to a specific shipping zone or setting a minimum purchase price to qualify for free shipping of their purchase. In order to avoid lose in profit, merchants can choose not to make free shipping option available for cheap commodities, bulky or heavy items.

Merchants selling in bulk and heavy items prefer to seek the service from shipping companies. And the most convenient way is to get quotes to move pallets from multiple shipping companies. Once they receive the quotes, they can make comparisons between quotes. Pallet shipping is one of the most common methods of packing in freight transport and it is easy to move, load and unload.

Another option is using carriers such as DHL, UPS, or FedEx. The customers get to choose a shipping option and the shipping rates is calculated depending on the shipping distance, weight, size and quantity of products.

Merchants can also provide a flat or fixed rate shipping method to help cover shipping or packaging expenses. Every customer pays the same fixed shipping rate, it doesn’t matter where the destination is, or what size or value of the purchased item. Another shipping method is to charge the customers depending on distance of the location. The further the location, the higher the rate. This will allow the online store to customize the shipping rate to cut down on expenses and help generate income.


What Happens When You Find a Potential New Home When You’re Traveling?

You never really know what might happen when you’re out traveling abroad. Something that might be more common than you think is finding the house of your dreams. In some cases, it may even be affordable! Finding this new location with a house may be a surprise, but it’s pretty standard the steps you have to take afterward to make your fantasy a reality.

Think of all the details that go into buying a new home, and then potentially compound it by travel complications. Chances are very likely you’ll have to move through some loan pre-approval process. Financially, you have to calculate your mortgage in a new area, possibly in conjunction with a standard of living economic change. And then there is the matter of transportation to and from the new place while you are moving or potentially transferring your work materials. Paying attention to these details will make your transition smoother.

Loan Pre-Approval

When purchasing a house, loans are a big part of the arrangement. If you find the perfect house in a foreign country, getting a home loan pre-approval may require different paperwork than expected. Every country is different when it comes to real estate laws. Financial institutions have to strictly adhere to regulations, especially when it comes to the purchase of expensive things like real estate or property in general. Make sure that you contact someone you trust and understand that geography plays a part in your equation.

Calculating Your Mortgage

Sometimes when you travel, the cost of living will be different, and that will directly translate into a different standard of living. When you have to figure out how to calculate your mortgage on your new house, be sure to think in a relativistic manner to your new location instead of trying to decide how things worked where you lived before. Even everyday household items can have drastic price differences in different countries, so you have to account for this when creating a budget to pay for mortgages, taxes, and other moving fees.

Transportation To and From the New Place

Because you were traveling when you first saw this house, it makes sense that you will be traveling to move. Do you recognize the costs associated with moving furniture from one country to another? Do you know how you’re going to transport your vehicles from the old location to the new site? If things are prohibitively expensive, are you prepared to buy new stuff at the new place? The more questions you ask early on in your decision-making process to move to a different country, the more likely you are not to be surprised by your situation as it nears the end of your contractual arrangements.


Give Your Brain a Workout: The Surprising Mental Benefits of Bingo

August 12, 2020

Most people realize that to keep our bodies in tiptop condition, we need to do regular cardiovascular exercise. But what about our brains?

For many years, scientists and neurologists have promoted regular brain exercise as a way to protect against cognitive disorders in later life. Conditions like Alzheimer’s, dementia and other degenerative cerebral diseases can be slowed — and in many cases prevented — by regularly exercising our brains.

This ‘exercise’ can take many forms with the most common including completing puzzles or challenges, reading, playing music and socializing. Recent studies have also shown the positive effects of gaming on the brain — in particular, the game of bingo.

The basics of bingo

In essence, bingo is a relatively simple game with players matching randomly drawn numbers to those featured on a game card. It sounds (and is), very simple to play but recent research is showing there’s a lot more going on under the surface than people previously thought. Bingo provides our brains with a much more challenging mental workout than simple number matching.

Recognizing patterns against the clock

A standard bingo card is arranged into three rows with nine columns. Each of these columns represents a number grouping: e.g. column one has numbers 1 to 9; column two has numbers 10 to 19, and column 3 has numbers 20 to 29, and so on.

Even new players quickly pick up on these column groups and begin to identify the general shape and order of their game card. When playing bingo, we instinctively search for number patterns on our card, based on these column rules.

Also, as numbers are called at speed, our brains need to work overtime to keep up with the gameplay while also checking and ticking off numbers on our card. This is especially true for players who favor playing with multiple cards.

Other mental benefits

Bingo has also been proven to have several other beneficial effects on mental skills, including improving concentration and short-term memory, which are both dexterities that tend to get worse with age. It is also perfect for exercising reflexes, improving hand-eye coordination, stimulating cerebral processes and even training longer-term memory functions.

Improved emotional health and social skills

Bingo games tend to be highly social events, where the sense of company is as important as the gameplay. Regular bingo games can be a good way of promoting social contact and maintaining friendships amongst older citizens. A game of bingo if often the highlight of the week for some older people and is typically a fun-filled affair with players laughing and enjoying each other’s company.

Laughing releases endorphins into our bodies, which makes us feel better and gives us a sense of well-being. It has also been proven to have pain-relieving effects, while boosting the immune system and reducing stress.

Most online bingo sites have chat rooms bundled alongside the main games rooms where members can freely talk with each other. These social connections become especially important as we age and seniors who report having an active social life are at far lower risk of loneliness or depression. Being socially active promotes more robust immune systems, lowers blood pressure and typically leads to a better and happier life.

The hidden benefits of bingo are only slowly being discovered, but it seems there’s a lot more involved under the surface of this seemingly simple game than anyone previously realized.


4 Tips For Taking Great Hunting Photos

August 9, 2020

Hunting is a unique experience that brings you close to nature in a way that no other activity can do. By becoming one with the hunt, you yourself become one with the other animals around you. The setting can be magical and even dramatic.

Bringing along a camera is a must to capture the intensity of a hunting trip. It’s a great idea to take photos of you holding your rifle proudly perched next to your game. In many cases. however, despite how fantastic you expect your photos to turn out, they aren’t exactly like you would have liked.

It can be a huge disappointment when you were hoping for better. The great news is that with only a little prep and a few more pointers, you can dramatically increase the quality of your hunting photos. Here are some of the best tips for improving your pictures.

Bring a Tripod

A tripod is a much better solution for holding up your camera than propping it against an object. Even though it may seem like a great idea to place your camera on a nearby rock to get the shot, it’s too risky.

Instead, keep your camera safe, and bring along a tripod. Manufacturers now make tripods that are not only incredibly light, but also incredibly portable. Easily fold up your tripod in your hunting gear, and collapse it when needed.

Choose a Natural Background

Rather than taking a shot in front of your car or your tent, the best place for a shot is in the foreground of a natural setting. Choose a wooded area or grassy knoll.

The idea is to look exactly like the animal’s natural habitat. Anything other than natural objects will distract the eye and negatively affect the overall photograph.

Position The Animal Correctly

Most hunters agree that just because you’ve killed your game doesn’t mean you don’t respect it. Avoid taking photographs that disrespect the animal.

After properly cleaning your game, try to find a position that doesn’t make it look like it’s mangled or in a state of suffering. The idea is to showcase the beauty of the animal that you’ve hunted, not degrade it’s dead body.

Try to find the right angle and position to emphasize its best features. You’ll find that by focusing on the animal more than yourself, your photo will come out that much better.

Choose The Right Lighting

In some cases the light may be too dim to get your shot. If possible, try to take your photograph as early in the morning as possible. The earlier it is, the better the sunlight will be.

However, you may still have luck with an early afternoon shot if it’s your only option.

Personal Fundraiser: A New Feature on Instagram

Instagram is not resting on its laurels these days. Not long ago, it revamped and re-launched its “Shop” service, then it announced that it would be competing against Tik Tok through an app called “Reels” and now it is looking to move into the business of personal fundraisers. Their executives leave no doubt as to their desire for continuous expansion.

Testing Phase

Instagram announced in July that it had already launched a test phase for its new personal fundraisers feature. It is currently taking place in the U.S., the UK and Ireland. Once in place, people will be able to launch one directly from their profile page on the app. These fundraisers will have to be associated to an existing cause or a new one. However, they will be vetted before being allowed to start in order to make sure that they exist and that they respect all guidelines necessary to be accepted by Instagram. They are the same rules that Facebook apply on its page.

This social network is the most important in the world and it is continuing to innovate in order to make sure it keeps its place as it moves towards the future. Instagram Stories have become quite a success as well throughout the last year, as more and more people use them to communicate with their followers. The quality of these posts has reached a new height, thanks to mobile app such as mojo-app.com, a story editor enabling individuals to create stories like professionals.

How it Works

You will be able to start a fundraiser on Instagram by following three simple steps. First you need to tap on “Edit Profile.” Once there, you will choose “Add Fundraiser” before clicking on “Raise Money” to start the process. After that, you can handle the details such as the choice of a picture, selection of a category for your cause and enter more pertinent information which will help convince people to give to your cause. Afterwards, you will need to wait for confirmation of approval by Instagram. If that is the case, you will benefit from a 30-day period during which you can raise funds. If you wish to continue after the time is up, you will be granted an additional 30 days, which will not be renewable anymore.

This is perfect for time-sensitive causes, when you need to gather funds quickly, but it cannot replace a fundraiser which is open throughout the year. People will be able to make their donations through Facebook Pay.

5 Hobbies You Could Turn into an Income

Many people often settle for jobs that bring them little passion or joy and don’t take their hobbies seriously enough.

Don’t waste many years of your life in a role you hate. It might be time to take the plunge and turn your pastime into a career.

If you are eager to give up your current job and grow your finances, here are the five hobbies you could turn into an income.

  • Illustration

If you have a talent for illustration, don’t allow it to go to waste and pursue a career as a professional illustrator.

Many companies are often happy to hire talented artists on a freelance business to create unique marketing projects or corporate portraits.

You also could generate a regular income on freelance sites like Fiverr, Upwork, and People Per Hour.

  • Photography

If you know the difference between cowboy shot, close-up, and extra-wide shot, you could turn your photography hobby into a career.

While taking photographs of your loved ones, landscapes, and objects for personal use might be rewarding, you could generate a large income by starting a photography company.

You are bound to feel nervous when first starting your business in photography, but it could help you to embrace your passion on a full-time basis and earn a higher income each year.

  • Gardening

While you might love to spend many hours tending to your flowers, shrubs, and lawn, many homeowners dread the thought of gardening.

If you are tired of your job and would happily spend your days improving and maintaining gardens of all sizes, consider a career as a professional gardener.

People would happily pay good money for you to tackle their lawn, weeds, and hedges on their behalf.

You will be able to spend more time outdoors, which can support both your mental and physical health.

  • Cooking

You don’t need a gastronomy degree to enjoy a successful career in food.

If you love whipping up delicious dishes for you and your loved ones, you could make money each day from your cooking passion.

You could start a food blog or YouTube channel and generate an income from advertising.

Other options include launching a food truck business in your town or city, creating innovative cooking products, or selling tasty dishes to the public.

  • Crafting

If you have crafted many beautiful items for your home or upcycled furniture and accessories, you might have what it takes to launch a crafting business.

There are many products you could make to earn a superb annual income, such as:

  • Bath bombs
  • Scented candles
  • Soap
  • Jewelry
  • Home accessories
  • Furnishings

Crafting is a multi-billion-dollar industry, and there is no reason why you can’t secure a share of the increasingly popular market. In addition to selling the products to your friends and family, you could boost your revenue by marketing your homemade items on social media, Etsy, eBay, and via your website. You also could attend local craft fairs to showcase your creations and generate a bigger revenue.


A Guide to Canvas Framing

Have you been on an overseas holiday and have canvases rolled up in your closet or maybe you purchased a canvas online only for it to arrive rolled up in a tube? If the answer is yes, then it is time to get them unrolled and on the wall! Easier said than done I hear you say! With the multitude of options and different framing opinions it can get quite overwhelming and confusing however this guide will give you the knowledge ensure you are getting the correct materials and the perfect frame for your works of art!

Step 1: Information on mounting your Canvas

There are two different ways that you can mount your canvas in order to hang it on the wall. Firstly, you can stretch the canvas over what is commonly called a stretcher bar. This is a solid wood frame that sits underneath the canvas and the canvas is pulled tightly over the bar and stapled to the back, essentially making the canvas frameless. This is the correct way to mount a canvas and this technique is used in all art galleries. However, it some instances you may not be able to stretch your canvas. This could be because there is not enough canvas to pull around the stretcher bar and too much of the artwork will be lost, or due to poor quality canvases used in some tourist destinations the canvas maybe too brittle or thin to withstand the stretching process. Therefore, in these cases you may opt to glue the canvas to a wooden board or stick it down on an adhesive foam core backing and then place a frame around the outside. This method should only be used if there is no other option to mount your canvas.

When collecting quotes for canvas stretching, it is important to not only ask for a price but what size stretcher bar they will be using to stretch your canvas. Although this may not make a lot of sense to you, it will help you decipher the array of different quotes you will receive. Some picture framers will use the cheapest stretcher bar available and place a brace bar in the middle of the canvas so that it will stop it bowing or warping. This is usually only a temporary measure and eventually it will move out of shape and will not sit flush on your wall or in the frame. The quote for this will be on the cheaper end as they will want to secure your business. Quotes that are a little higher that use a larger stretcher bar with no brace are the ones to look for. Using the correct size stretcher bar means that a brace is not required as it is an adequate size to support the tension of the canvas once it is stretched. This is an art gallery standard and one you should look for if you want your canvas to remain in shape for many years to come.

Step 2: Deciding on a Frame

Once your canvas is stretched you have the choice to leave it as a stretched canvas and hang it frameless or you can choose a frame to place around it. Choosing to leave it frameless can work well on some canvases that have a very busy subject matter or sometimes less is more and adding a frame only detracts from the artwork rather than adding to it. If you decide to frame your canvas it is good to note that the frame does not provide any additional structural support, it simply adds style to your canvas and room and/or enhances the subject or colours of the canvas.

Step 3: What type of frame do I choose?

If you decide to add a frame to your stretched canvas you have two choices in regards to the style of the frame. The first one is a unique frame that is made specifically to go around a stretched canvas. Known as an “L-Bar” or “Floating Frame” it gets the L-Bar name from its shape and Floating Frame as the canvas appears to be floating in the frame. This particular frame sits around the outside of the canvas and a small gap can be created between the frame and the canvas, further adding to the floating appearance. It is important to note that this frame does not cover any part of the front of the canvas, unlike a typical frame where the artwork sits inside a rebate. This style is typically used in art galleries and adds a subtle yet stylish addition to the artwork. These frames are typically only 5mm to 10mm wide at the front, but they cover the entire side of the canvas and wrap around the back. These frames are typically plain and usually come in a standard range of colours.

The second option for canvas frames is an ordinary frame that has a large depth to it, so it covers the sides of the canvas. This will give it the same “box” look at the L-Bar but the difference with using this frame is that the frame will cover around 5mm of the front of the canvas, where the artwork sits in the rebate. The advantage of using this type of frame over the L-Bar or Floating Frame is that you will find a bigger choice of colours, textures and styles in these frames since the width of the frame can vary which allows for frame embellishments to be created.

Many people ask why they cannot use an ordinary frame to place around the stretcher bar. The answer is you can, but it isn’t advised for one reason. Imagine you place your newly stretched canvas with a 5cm deep stretcher bar on your hallway wall, so you can admire it every time you walk past it. If you place an ordinary frame around the outside and the frame is not deep enough to cover the stretcher bar, you will see the stretched canvas protruding out the back of the frame which diminishes the look and leaves it looking unprofessional. The only time it is recommended not to use canvas frames and to use an ordinary frame is if the canvas frame is going on a wall that you do not walk past and only see from the front.

So when you find your rolled up canvases in your closet and you are looking around for canvas frames, please take into account the information above and hopefully you will have a professionally framed artwork that will be displayed proudly in your home for many years to come.


How To Take The Best Holiday Photos

Going out on a holiday? You sure are very excited, who would not be anyway, you have waited for this for a long time and sacrificed a lot of burgers just to save for this trip. And the time has come, all your bags are packed and you are now ready to go. But wait, before you close your luggage bag, you may want to check if there is a camera inside it. Some use their mobile phones to take photos during their holiday, sure it is okay but not enough if you want to capture the best photographs.

Whether you are a professional photographer or not, there are ways for you to capture great photos. To help you with it, read this article.

Ways To Take Great Holiday Photos

Great photos are a good way to remember your holiday, without it, there is no way you can reminisce how beautiful your holiday experience was, it is also like winning in casinos and their sister sites that if you do not withdraw your money and buy anything you like, winning is useless. Many online casinos are owned by the same company, we call this sister sites and sites like AllSisterSites.com are the experts in this.

Going back to taking great photos, below are some of the things you have to keep in mind if you want your photos to seem like taken by a pro.

Take photos of the least popular tourist destinations

Do not capture too many photos of already popular tourist destinations. If this happens, you won’t get the chance of taking unique photos that are interesting and new to the eyes of others. Sure, they have seen a lot of popular tourist destinations on the internet and seeing it again may not be as appealing anymore.

Take photos until night time

Taking photos until night time is also a good idea as there are places best captured when the city lights are on. The night sky indeed is a dramatic natural landscape only in night time you can see. Photos of it will give novice photographers outstanding photos.

Do not forget local foods

And yes, food is without a doubt a good subject to photograph. The colors, the appearance and appeal of food would make any photo turn to a gem. Photos of their local food would give you a remembrance of how well your experience was.

Consider taking photos of their locals

Instead of taking photos of tourists like you, take photos of their locals. You would not want to miss the opportunity of seeing their locals in action and making sure that it is taken in still photos so you have something to look back at when you are already back to your hometown.

Take photos of the small details

Of course, it is nice to take photos of structures, buildings, the oceans and the skyline, but have you ever considered taking photos of details of a statue, fountains, pillars etc? Sometimes it is in the smallest details you can see a great subject to photograph.

Photos are a must when on a holiday as it will give something to look back and reminisce.

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