5 Tips For Taking Great Wedding Photos

Are you an aspiring photographer who would love to dip their feet into the world of professional wedding photos? After all, there’s not much to it, right? Wrong. A person’s wedding is one of the most important days of their lives. It’s your role as the photographer to capture the moment so that they can savor it forever through beautiful imagery.

Capturing the true essence of such an important day isn’t as simple as snapping your camera a few times at the bride and groom. In order to truly seize the moment through the power of your photos, you’ll need to know the right tips. Take a look at what you’ll need to know before you shoot your first wedding.

Shadow A Pro First

When people hire a wedding photographer, they want to know that they’re experienced. The best way to get experienced before your first shoot is to shadow a pro. Get to know the dos and don’ts of wedding photography by following them around while they work.

Through their experience, you’ll be able to learn techniques that you can save for your own shoots later on. Even though you may be convinced that you already know all that there is to know, there’s always more to learn, especially when it comes to wedding photography.

Bring Extra Gear

You never know when unforeseen circumstances could throw you for a loop. When shooting, always bring extra gear, from lenses to batteries. That way, you know that if your equipment fails, that you’ll still be able to deliver what your clients have hired you for.

Bring more than what you think you need in order to ensure that you don’t have any issues during your shoot.

Focus On Precious Moments

Weddings are all about capturing the most precious moments of the ceremony. Most pros will advise you to focus on firsts. For example, capturing the couples first kiss together and first dance as a married couple.

Plan the shoot before you start so that you know when these moments are going to happen. Try to get as many angles as possible!

Move Quickly

When it comes to capturing moments, they can finish in a split second. Therefore, it’s critical that you’re moving quickly. Being on your toes is a vital part of wedding photography. Make sure that you’re always observing and anticipating potential shots.

A wedding shoot is no time to be gingerly walking around as if you’re one of the guests. Get in on the action and move as fast as you can!

Don’t Forget The Guests

When shooting a wedding, a lot of photographers focus mostly on the bride and groom. However, there are other people there celebrating with them. Don’t forget to capture their joy and reaction to the beautiful ceremony!


The Six Most Beautiful Places to Visit in the World

There are some places that it’s hard to imagine actually exist in real life because they are just so unlike anywhere else. They offer breathtaking scenery and jaw-dropping views – they’re the kinds of places that every travel lover dreams of visiting at least once in their lifetime.

Wondering where these places are – and where you should book for your next getaway? Check out our guide to the Six Most Beautiful Places in the World, listed below.

1. Palawan Island in the Philippines

Voted the world’s most incredible island on more than one occasion, this beach paradise is home to white sand beaches, crystal clear seas, quirky fishing villages, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and an exotic abundance of wildlife.

2.Selijalandsfoss WaterFall in Iceland

Fed by melted water from the famous Eyjafjallajokull, the glacier-capped volcano , this waterfall flows down into the most incredible meadow landscape. However, it’s most well-known for the iconic footpath that winds behind the waterfall itself, giving visitors an experience, and photographic opportunity, unlike any other.

3. Elafonisi Beach in Crete

Once a guarded local secret, Elefonisi beach rose to fame in 2014 after being named one of the world’s most beautiful beaches – and with its unique pink sands, blue lagoon, and abundance of rare wildlife, it’s easy to see why. While packed full of crowds in the summer months, in the winter this Greek paradise is much calmer and more tranquil.

4. Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Described as a ‘safari mecca’, Serengeti National Park in Tanzania is one of Africa’s most visited tourist destinations, and it’s easy to see why. Home to the big five – lions, leopards, rhinos, buffalo, and elephants, and an incredible array of other wildlife, in addition to some amazing views and experiences, this national park is a must-visit destination.

There are a number of safaris on offer here, such as those offered by Tanzania Odyssey, allowing visitors to gain a real insight into the wildlife that thrives within the area.

5. Algar de Benagil in Portugal

Situated on the popular Algarve coast, this naturally formed cave grotto has come to be one of the destination’s most-loved tourist spots due to how beautifully unique it is. It’s known as one of the most impressive sea caves in the world, and is somewhere that can only be accessed by sea, meaning if you want to pay these caves a visit, you will need to book onto a boat tour.

6. Iguazu Falls in Argentina

Named as one of the more modern wonders of the world, Iguazu Falls is made up of a chain of waterfalls, offering visitors the most incredible experience. This combination of mini waterfalls extending along 3km in length is not a sight you will forget in a hurry. There are also beautiful walkways to trek along and plenty of viewing platforms to utilise in order to see the amazing view of these incredible waterfalls.

There you have it, our guide to six of the world’s most beautiful travel destinations. What’s amazing about each of the places we’ve listed above is how wonderfully unique they are, and how each offers an experience unlike anywhere else in the world.


Most Photogenic Locations in Greece

No matter where you are in Greece there is a reason to get your camera out and start snapping because this land and its surrounding islands are nothing short of spectacular. During a recent stay in the Adorno Suites Mykonos hotel we went out exploring the island to get some shots of that amazing sunset. After asking around we discovered that the best place to witness those pinky, orange hues was the 7 windmills which have remained since the island’s wheat producing prime, and they weren’t wrong. During that trip we visited multiple islands and saw plenty of the mainland and many of those photographs have since made it to the walls in the home. For me there are few nations like Greece for snapping great shots and these are the best locations which I’d recommend.


We should probably get started with the ‘supermodel’ of the Greek island which has recently become the dream spot for anyone who wants their Instagram profile to jump off the page, Santorini. This island in the Cyclades is a whitewashed paradise and it is not just the buildings and their simplicity that grabs the attention, but the gradient of the landscape and how that juxtaposes with the serenity of the sea below. A wonderful place to visit and somewhere you’ll need your camera at all times.

Mount Lycabettus

In Athens there is much to delight a photographer and of course the Acropolis is at the top of that list. What we weren’t expecting however was to find a place which offered uninterrupted views of this incredible place, but we managed to do just that at the top of Mount Lycabettus. This is a limestone hill not far from the Acropolis and whilst it requires a little legwork to get up there, it is most certainly worthwhile. Here you can count on amazing views of the city and easily one of the best angles to view the ancient citadel.


Greece doesn’t just offer Mamma Mia-esque landscapes and ancient ruins, but also modern artwork which is just begging to photographed. Exarcheia in Athens was originally famed as being the home of the Greek anarchists, and it has since turned into a street art paradise. There are murals throughout this neighborhood, some political and others which err more on the side of comedy or introspection. There is something new around every corner and it is a neighborhood which is just waiting to be explored.

Pyrgi, Chios

This tiny island is famous for mastic-producing trees which are used in many industries, but within the isle there is a treasure trove of photo opportunities to be found in the small village of Pyrgi. The facades of the buildings in this village have been painted using these fascinating geometric designs which call your attention instantly. The way in which these patterns work with and against the scenery is breathtaking and you will have your camera out in no time at all to snap the range of fascinating designs.

These are just 4 of my favourite locations to take photos in Greece, and I can’t wait to go back again to discover more.

How to Deal with a Disorganized Home While Simultaneously Lowering Stress Levels

December 17, 2019

It is common knowledge that stress at home largely comes from its current state. If a home is clean and organized, even those coming home from a stressful day at work can enjoy the comforts of their humble abode without being distracted by clutter. However, it is something of an ironic situation, as a stressful workplace can often lead to homeowners neglecting the responsibilities around their house in favor of sleep.

It can lead to a cycle where you become stressed out at work and head home to a place that will only add to your overall anxiety. Fortunately, it does not take too much effort to get yourself out of such a troublesome scenario. Here are a few ways to deal with a disorganized home while simultaneously lowering stress levels.

A bit of cleanup before bedtime can be a therapeutic experience

It might come as a surprise, but expending some effort cleaning the clutter around your home before going to sleep can do wonders for stress. Not only will you be making a difference when cleaning your home, but it is also something that you choose to do, rather than being told to do so at work. That said, you do not have to spend hours every single day cleaning your home to make a difference. Instead, you can spend as little as fifteen minutes organizing a single area of your home, such as the master bedroom.

After a week of spending fifteen minutes a day cleaning the same area, it might come as a surprise to see just how much of an effort you have made.

What to do with all of the clutter

Once you have made a habit of organizing your home fifteen minutes before bedtime, you will likely end up with quite a few belongings which you no longer use. You can choose to either throw them out or keep them in storage, but it might be a better idea to make a profit instead. If you happen to have any unused electronics, it might be wise to do a bit of research regarding what you own. Who knows? You might have an old piece of hardware that is widely sought after and can earn you a tidy profit!

How to deal with heavy, rusted junk

While dealing with the clutter around your home might not necessarily be a big deal – especially if you hire help – dealing with the junk littered around the yard or perhaps in your garage is an entirely different story. There are homeowners who desperately want to get rid of the unused junk vehicle in their yard but are unsure of how to go about doing it. Fortunately, all you have to do is contact a Miami junk removal service company to help you get rid of the junk that is too heavy to take care of on your own.

Keeping a house organized while lowering stress levels can seem like a challenging endeavor, but it is easier than you might think. The tips above will be more than enough to help you keep your house clean while keeping stress levels low!

How to Plan Your Luxury 2020 Getaway

December 12, 2019

As we are fast approaching the end of another year, the cold winter weather leaves many people reminiscing about their summer holidays and the glorious weather that they experienced. However, it’s no good just reminiscing about it! You should put all those thoughts into planning next year’s holiday. Looking into 2020, you can start making preparations for a luxury getaway that will give you the experience of a lifetime. So, how do you do this? This handy guide has been put together to help you plan the ultimate luxury getaway for 2020.


Think about the type of holiday

If you are unsure about where you want to go, it’s important to think about what you want from the holiday. Are you only interested in relaxing? Or are you keen to go exploring? Maybe you want a bit of both. Whatever it is you want to experience during your getaway, be sure to recognise this early on, as it will affect the destination you choose.

Find the right location

The location that you choose plays a big part in how luxurious your holiday will feel. For example, a trip to Magaluf or Benidorm, which are both famous for attracting people who want to spend their entire holiday drinking and partying, might not be suitable. However, somewhere like Côte d’Azur, in France, or the Maldives, in South Asia, which offers stunning views and tranquil resorts, could provide the luxury you crave.

Take the stress away

Having a luxury getaway doesn’t have to wait until you are there; you can ensure that it starts off stress-free and enjoyable. However, planning a holiday is normally the opposite; it often ends in a lot of debate and stress. With so many different things to organise, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Where will you go? What will you do? Where will you stay? All these questions can be challenging to answer when you really don’t know what you want from your luxury holiday. So why not take the stress away by having a luxury tailor made itinerary? Experts at Mr Hudson can take into consideration your budget and what you like to do, and within 5 business days, they will suggest everything you need to do during your holiday.

Upgrade your flight tickets

As a special treat for 2020, why not consider upgrading your flight tickets to first class? The first-class experience will enable you to kickstart your 2020 getaway in style and minimise the stress of flying. Take advantage of a superb service that will offer delicious food and drink in the pre-flight room, before settling down in the comfy and spacious chairs on the plane.

Pay attention to detail

In order to make your holiday one to remember, you need to pay attention to the small details. This includes reading the reviews of the various locations you are considering visiting and delving into the accommodation feedback from other holidaymakers. You can then see what kind of service they offer that you could receive. Do they provide a personalised service, for example, that will make you feel welcome and relaxed during your time there? What kind of food do they offer? Is it all-inclusive, or are there any catches that will result in you paying more money? All this and more will need to be taken into account when you are booking your 2020 getaway.

Killer Bills – 5 Steps You Can Take If You’re Hit With Unexpected Expenses

December 10, 2019

Do you budget diligently? Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how responsible you are or how carefully you plan, unexpected expenses pop up. It could be a medical expense, a car repair job (which, if ignored, can hamper your ability to commute to work and earn your living) or even unanticipated repairs to your house. When the new expenses are larger than you can manage in a single month, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed and anxious. Instead of giving in to fear, you can combat the problem with a logical solution. Here are five steps you can take to cope with unexpected expenses:

1. Get A Short-Term Cash Loan

Sometimes, the best way out of a sticky money problem is by looking into cash loans. This can empower you to pay off the unexpected expense on the terms you can afford. Make sure you understand the repayment terms and factor a new monthly expense into your budget. If you can afford the added expense, but not the once-off massive cost of the unexpected expense, this is a worthwhile move.

2. Sell Something

Not your favorite option – but its there. If you are on the brink of financial disaster and there’s no fairy godmother or relatives to rescue you – sell something. Know that once you are back on your feet you will replace it. Sometimes, going without a luxury or two is a good wakeup call to get motivated and move forward in your career.

3. Negotiate A Payment Plan

Most people are unaware that many service providers offer repayment plans. Doctors, hospitals, auto-mechanics, even most tax institutions. They generally offer one of two option: they provide you with repayment terms you can accept, which would allow your contributions to span over the number of months they propose, or, they may ask you what you can afford and work out how many months you will need to pay to clear your debt. Learning how to negotiate will go a long way.

4. Look At A Trainee Service Provider For A Cost-Effective Solution

There’s nothing as disheartening as car repairs. Everyone knows to brace themselves for a hefty bill when their car has to go to the mechanic. Did you know that you can look for trainee mechanics who are just as skilled but far cheaper? Just like student hairdressers, makeup artists, and chefs – you can use the services of someone who is still in training. For added safety measures, you can always ask if they have someone senior sign off their work – in most cases, they do.

5. Borrow Cash Against Your House We hear about re-mortgaging a home all the time, but what does it actually mean? It’s a temporary solution for an unexpected expense if you have property but cashflow is currently a little tight. It’s essentially like repaying for the house but sending the money from the bank to the entity with your property as the surety.

Weather The Storm

Money comes and goes. That is a rule that applies to every individual, regardless of their financial position. When money gets tight and times get tough, even the wealthy need to search for solutions. Keep an open mind and continue to research – there are always new solutions for older problems. A consultation with a financial advisor may also help you to incorporate a future survival strategy to prevent an unexpected expense from posing a threat to your finances, again.


How to Find the Perfect Photographer for Your Wedding?

November 28, 2019


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Choosing a wedding photographer happens to be a vital portion of your wedding planning process similar to choosing a venue. Again, you must also discover the ideal dress too. However, unlike your catering or flowers, your wedding photographers continue to live for your entire life. This is really tough to discover a photographer who will match your taste and aesthetic as people continue to wonder whether or not their photographer will be successful in capturing their vital moments. Unlike the working of other wedding vendors, like cake, flower arrangements, music, photographers are not things that you can smell, taste, hear, or even see. By this it is meant, for choosing the ideal photographer, you must make careful research. Additionally, you must be selective related to artistic style, professional skills, and personal demeanor:

  • Ask around – You must be aware that word of mouth happens to be one of the highly attempted and true processes of discovering a photographer of your liking. If you have loved your friend’s wedding, then you must not be shy to ask him about his experience with his wedding photographer.
  • Fix a style – Prior to your research on photographers, you need to decide on the kind of photography style that you prefer. This will help you in determining the type of photographer that you will want for shooting your wedding. You must devote your time to the pictures you prefer, like décor shots and Instagram feed of a fashion blogger. When you have gathered a collection of many inspiring photographers, you must narrow down your search on what you liked about them.
  • Set up interviews – The process of selecting your wedding photographer should not be done hastily. Hence, you must not select a photographer on his looks only as you should meet him in person. When you like that you have seen on his site and you find his fees to be modest, then you must call the photographer to see whether or not he is obtainable for your wedding date.
  • Be well-informed – When you understand the prices for different products and services, then you will be able to make informed decisions regarding wedding photographers. Though not every photographer posts his pricing online, you can use their portfolio for gaining insights into the kinds of weddings they habitually shoot. When their Instagram remains stuffed with destination weddings or huge private estate events, then you can get an idea regarding their fees.
  • Review photographers’ previous work – You must not forget to ask the photographers to show 3-4 galleries from their previous weddings. This is also vital to see the way a photographer will cover your wedding from the initial stages. Never decide on a photographer just by looking at his portfolio highlights.
  • Agree on every detail – At times, people plan their wedding at a luxurious venue, like Chattarpur farms for wedding, but forget to sign a contract with their photographer. You must be very clear regarding the timeline for getting what you expect from him. You must discuss every element beforehand so that you do not face any kind of hassle afterward.

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How Photography Can Change Your Life

Everyone loves a great photograph. Photography is a great way for individuals to express themselves through the lens of a camera. While taking photographs and sharing them for others to see, it is giving millions of other people around the world inspiration, travel ideas, a chance to view other areas of the world, and motivation to become a photographer. Once you start viewing photography, you will start to pick out certain photographers that catch your eye more than others. By following your favorite photographer on social media or on their own personal web page, you can easily have daily access to all of their new photography pieces in hopes to purchase some to display in your home.


Photography is a beautiful thing if you take photographs with the right camera and lenses for the job. Just by seeing a certain photograph of your favorite area or country is a sure way to bring a little light into a dark and dreary day. When you are viewing photographs, you can easily find inspiration to travel, to start taking your own photographs, or to just further your happiness after seeing the photograph first hand. Whatever it may be, always remember if you need any inspiration at all in life, you can certainly find it in photography.

Traveling Ideas

If you enjoy looking at the beautiful work of photographers, then you have set yourself up for brilliant traveling ideas. By being able to have an in-depth look at areas around the world, you can start making a list of places you would like to travel to. After having created the perfect vacation list, you can then start saving up for a yearly trip for you and your family. For every spot you desire to visit, you can start collecting more photography pieces to get a better look into that particular area. This way, when it comes time to go on your vacation, you already have your places listed out and photographs of the best landmarks to visit in that particular area.

Motivation to Become a Photographer

After viewing magnificent photographs taken by photographers around the world, you will begin to wonder if you have what it takes to make a change in career paths by taking your own professional photos. To start your path to becoming a photographer, all you simply need is a good camera, a few good lenses, and a leather camera harness so you do not have to hold your camera constantly. It can also protect your camera from falling during a photoshoot. Once you get the required gear, you can start taking photographs of areas and places that you find to be intriguing to you and others.

Viewing Other Areas of The World

As much as we would all like to travel the world and see new places, sometimes our finances just do not allow it. Although we may not be able to ever make it to those places, we can certainly enjoy the views through the lenses of a photographer’s camera. A photograph speaks loudly and allows you to view an area from another side of the world without having to travel. Just having the opportunity to view photographs of other countries is a gift that is very much appreciated by people all around the world.

The world of photography gives us all the opportunity to take life long memories through a camera lens and share them with the rest of the world. By taking photographs and sharing the pictures with other viewers, you are giving them the opportunity to gain inspiration, motivation to become a photographer, get new traveling ideas, and view areas of the world they have never seen. As a photographer, you are also able to sell your photographs to others to display in their home or office. Once others start seeing the great work of art that you create, you are sure to start bringing in new clients to buy your personal photographs. Everyone appreciates a good photo and you are always just one click of a button on your camera from giving it to them.

Main Event – 5 Secrets To Holding The Perfect Corporate Event

Holding an extraordinary corporate event promotes your company and provides an exciting opportunity for business owners and professionals to mingle and make connections. But how do you cultivate the perfect environment for success?


Here are five secrets to holding the perfect corporate event:

Get Your Branding Right

Your corporate branding needs to be bold and beautiful so everybody at the event knows who you are. With social media, you can reach even further than the confines of the venue with the use of high-quality banners. Products like media wall banners will allow all of your guests to have their photos taken in front of it, providing beautiful, shareable content for them and your company on the day and long after the event has ended, especially if you promote an event hashtag effectively.

2. Make Your Email Invites Eye-Catching

Statistics tell us that 91% of people check their email every day, and most importantly, 78% of event creators list email marketing as their most effective marketing tool, accounting for nearly 50% of overall sales. Be sure to make the most of the knowledge you’ve gained from this research by including an incredible subject line to get your emails opened. Inside, use catchy copy and talk up any special offers and additional benefits to lead recipients to book or enquire. Don’t forget to follow up emails with a second wave of event marketing to hoover up anyone who just needs a swift reminder to buy their tickets.

3. Partner With Other Business

Your event may require catering, entertainment, management, security, and plenty of other elements. A carefully planned out budget will ensure that all of those things are booked, but you could likely save money by partnering with companies who want a place at your event. B2B events generate over $1.07 trillion in spending annually, and there are plenty of businesses who will want a piece of that action. All you need to do is ensure you pitch the partnership properly, making the benefits so clear the offer can’t be refused.

4. Pick Your Time And Place Carefully

Studies tell us that, on average, every company in America organizes at least 20 events or meetings a year, and the amount of events they are organizing is increasing by about 20% annually. This is fantastic for business culture, but it does also mean you have a high chance of clashing with a competitor’s event and losing potential attendees in the process. This can be especially problematic if speakers who will draw guests’ attention are booked up. Get up close and personal with the biggest events in your industry and when they are likely to be held so that you can organize yours at a time most people will be able to attend.

5. Track What Works And What Doesn’t

Use analytics to track the success of your event so that you can future-proof the next one you hold. Keeping a close eye on factors like email campaigns, social media campaigns, signage, and offline link-building will boost focus. In addition, analyzing their effectiveness is highly beneficial to your business event, both now and in the future, identifying weak points, unnecessary spending, and areas to capitalize on next time.

By following these five tips, and truly keeping your eye on all aspects of your event, you will reap plenty of rewards from your efforts. With fantastic branding, analytics, timing, partnering, and marketing, your corporate event is sure to be a success.


Tips For Taking The Perfect Safari Photographs

September 23, 2019

Nothing screams’ bucket list item’ like going on a safari to the plains and savannas of Africa. Seeing the world’s most imposing and exotic animals in the confines of a zoo is very different from seeing them in their natural habitat. They still look impressive in a zoo, but they’re not supposed to be there. They can look cornered, lethargic, and a little sad. Back home, where the land is theirs to roam as they please, they’re full of life and energy.

Going on safari is a long-held ambition for many people from many nations, all around the world. Like swimming with dolphins, it’s one of those experiences that people would like to be able to say they’ve had before they die. The public’s fascination with safaris is visible everywhere, from televised nature documentaries to the online casinos, where you’ll find Vegas Slots with names like ‘Africa Goes Wild’ ‘Great Rhino,’ and ‘Hot Safari.’ The safari theme is one of the most popular of all the mobile slots genres available. Given the cost of heading out on safari, it might be the case that people play safari-themed mobile slots in the hope that they’ll win enough money to pay for a real safari!

For photographers, the idea of a safari is arguably even more exciting. Not only do we get the chance to see animals we may only ever see once in our lifetimes, but we also get the opportunity to take photographs with subjects we’ll never be able to shoot with again. That’s why we’d hate for anybody to regret the quality of their safari picture when their trip was over – and also why we’ve put a few helpful hints together to make sure it doesn’t happen!

Pay More For A Quiet Tour

The first (and possibly the most important) tip we have to give you has nothing to do with photography at all. This is all about making sure you’re giving yourself the best possible opportunity to get your dream shots. That means keeping people out of the way – and you won’t be able to do that on your average safari tour. As these pictures show, there’s a lot less glamour to your average tour than you probably expect there to be. Everybody is jostling for position to take pictures, and other tourists get into your shot. Worst of all, large groups of noisy, photo-happy humans can drive the animals away. Once you’ve saved up enough money to go on safari, it’s worth saving up a little more so you can pay for a better, more exclusive safari. It might take longer, but you’ll thank yourself for it when you get there.

Don’t Go Overboard With Equipment

This might be contrary to everything you think you know as a photographer, but you probably don’t want to bring your very best photography equipment to Africa with you. The first reason is that it’s likely to be extremely hot no matter when you go, and carrying bulky gear around will exhaust you quickly. The second is that the dust gets everywhere. No matter how expensive and sturdy your best camera appears to be, there’s no guarantee it will survive a safari trip. Instead, bring along a pair of good SLR cameras, and some spar lenses. As a minimum, make sure you have 300mm lenses just to ensure you have sufficient range. Flashlights can startle some of the animals, but if you’re planning to head out at night, it will be every bit as dark as it is dusty, and so you’ll need one. Don’t change lenses unless you absolutely have to; the dust and sand will get inside while you’re changing them. Did we mention that it’s dusty?

Burst Settings

There’s really not a lot to say here, other than if your camera doesn’t have a high-quality burst setting you’re going to need on which does. Animals move fast, and light conditions aren’t always perfect. If you don’t have a good burst mode, you’re going to have a lot of blurred images no matter how steady your hand is. Having a dependable burst mode means blurred images are out, and stunning action shots are in. Obviously, you should be aware that you’re going to need more storage space if you’re taking photos as bursts.

Don’t Go Zoom Crazy

The animals are very impressive. Sometimes they’re so impressive that we forget all of our photography principles, zoom right into them, and take pictures which are 100% animal and 0% background. Those photos are going to be great if you can persuade someone to buy them off you for use in a guide to the species, but otherwise, they’re probably going to be disappointing. Context is vital to a great photo. That means capturing the habitat as well as the creature that roams them. Don’t forget the basics of composition and framing. Make the animals the star of the show, but at least give them a show to star in.

Pick The Best Time To Shoot

You’re outdoors. You have precious little control over lighting conditions, and so you’re going to have to make the best of it. For reference, the best time to take pictures on an African safari is very early in the morning – an hour or so before the sun comes up – or late in the afternoon when it’s about to go down. The temperatures are at their optimum in these moments, and so many of the animals are at their most active. In the middle of the day, the glare of the sun is often simply too bright to get great pictures, and even if you do, you’ll probably just be snapping shots of hot, tired animals taking a nap. It’s worth sacrificing some sleep to get out there during those magical early hours instead.

Now you know a little more about how and when to get the best pictures out of your safari experience, here’s one more tip – put the camera down occasionally. You might only be there once. Take in the sights with your own eyes, savor the smells, bask in your environment. Photographs are only half of the story; make sure you have more memories of your trip than just the ones you’ve gained through a lens.


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