Five US River Cruises To Enjoy

River cruises have increased in popularity in recent years. They give vacationers in the US the opportunity to explore several different locations without the need for a passport. Taking a river vacation means that you can travel along some of the most famous waterways in the country.

This type of cruise is different from an ocean cruise in that you have access to interesting scenery for the entire journey, as opposed to spending many hours only having the ocean to gaze it. River cruise ships are also smaller and more intimate, and they take you into the center of most ports of call. If you like the idea of a river cruise, there are several cruises you may want to consider.

History and culture along the Mississippi River 

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If you enjoy experiencing culture and history, Mississippi river cruises are a good choice. You can experience the part of the world which influenced the popular novels of Mark Twain. Visits to the musical and culinary hubs of New Orleans and Memphis are included on many of these cruises. After you have enjoyed a visit to these famous locations you can enjoy time onboard, relaxing and appreciating the scenery as you pass by.

Majestic scenery on a Columbia River cruise 

Columbia River, Oregon, Gorge, Valley, LandscapeNatural scenery is one of the major attractions on a Columbia River cruise, and cruises of its tributary, the Snake River. You can decide what you want this cruise experience to be like. You can relax and enjoy looking at the waterfalls and mountains as you pass by; or you can choose to join in with activities such as jet boating through Hells Canyon and tasting the wines of the region.

Exploring the American heartland 

There are various tours you can take along the Cumberland River. Taking one of these cruises enables you to see the local wildlife including blue heron, osprey and gold eagle. There are also several homes of famous country music stars, such as Barbara Mandrell, in the area. You can choose to take a tour past these impressive properties, or you can opt to explore the river at sunset and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Fall colors along the Hudson River 

The experiences along the Hudson River are some of the most varied you can find on a river cruise. You can admire the majesty of the Catskill Mountains, go back in time by taking a look at some of the most impressive architecture in the US, and experience the excitement of New York city.

History and beauty in New England 

A cruise of the New England coastline is not exactly a river cruise as it takes you along the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. But these cruises do not take place on large ocean liners, but on the more intimate craft that are commonly used for river cruises. During a cruise of this area you can visit the picturesque state of Maine and take a look at some of the local wildlife including puffin and moose. You can also enjoy eating fresh local lobster.

All of these river cruise venues present an excellent opportunity for you to savor the river cruise experience by enjoying local scenery, culture and cuisine.


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