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How to Plan Your Trip Abroad without All of the Hassle

There are a few reasons why some people refuse to plan trips abroad, with one of the biggest being the amount of stress that goes into planning the trip. Without a doubt, having to plan a journey at short notice is often a recipe for disaster. However, it does not have to be a miserable time during the planning process. As a matter of fact, it does not ever have to be a frustrating or stressful experience.

Planning a trip abroad is not something to be taken lightly, which is why precautions are required no matter the country you visit. Here are tips that can help you plan your trip abroad without all of the hassle often associated with international travel.

The amount of stress you experience depends on how early you book a flight

While there is nothing wrong with booking a trip a month or two ahead, it makes everything needlessly complicated. With the amount of stress that comes with such an endeavour, it is no wonder that many people tend to associate fear and anxiety with trips abroad. Instead, it would be best to book a flight as early as you possibly can. While it does not need to be said how much it benefits you to prepare as soon as you can, it is vital to keep in mind that you will be giving yourself as much time as you need to make preparations.

Not every trip is going to be easy – but it does not have to be a stressful experience either. By planning several months ahead, you are giving yourself the best chance of minimising stress.

Booking early allows you to take advantage of airfare promotions

One of the best parts about planning ahead and booking a trip several months in advance is you get a number of options you would not have been able to benefit from otherwise. Some areas in the world can get quite expensive depending on the time of year, but you can circumvent the issue by booking a flight up to a year in advance. While the time you have to prepare depends on the situation, booking at the earliest possible opportunity gives you access to numerous great deals, and makes things such as travel insurance much more manageable.

Take steps to make the trip safer and more enjoyable for yourself

For example, if you happen to suffer from any food allergies, it would be unwise not to stock up on the right medication before your trip. Perhaps the area you are visiting might be prone to health issues that you could be vulnerable to. Understanding the risks of your destination allows you to make contingency plans, such as receiving vaccines.

As an honourable mention, if you have hobbies that include video gaming, it would be a good idea to bring a portable gaming device to make the downtime between travel less tedious. Following the steps above ensures that you can plan your trip hassle-free.



Tips for the trip to Hong Kong

It is true that in Hong Kong the English heritage is very strong and its influence is noticeable in all aspects of society, but it should not be assumed that the entire population speaks English. In the main shops, hotels, hostels, restaurants and with the middle and upper / middle class there will be no problem to communicate in English, but it may be that when dealing with other people, they only speak Cantonese Chinese. Communication with taxi drivers is especially difficult. It is a good idea to take a notebook or paper and pencil to write the addresses or, if someone can write the destination address in Chinese characters, even better.

Be careful with the weather in the summer. At this time, the humidity and heat can be very intense and it is not uncommon for there to be strong storms, so it is never a bad thing to wear a raincoat in your suitcase or, at least, to have enough clothes to change after a heavy downpour. Although in the summer it is combined with heat and its influence is extreme, the level of humidity is very high throughout the year.

There is a very unhealthy habit of putting the air conditioning in public places with great power during the hot months. This leads to the transition from extreme heat to cold situations in a matter of a few seconds, with the risk of colds that this entails. Shops, office buildings, shopping centers or even subway cars are not spared this trend. It may seem an exaggerated recommendation to have to wear something long sleeves when the outside temperature is above 35 degrees, but it really does not hurt to keep something to protect yourself from the infamous air conditioning.

In Hong Kong there are some activities that perhaps do not fall within the most frequent for the tourist, but that those who have passed through them strongly recommend. On the one hand, if you have the opportunity, attend horse races at night, where a lot of money moves in betting and part of the local high society congregates. On the other hand, massage parlors are also highly recommended (in the proper sense of the term, it is understood). If you are a beginner who wants to gamble, playing in Hong Kong casinos is less recommended unless you have unlimited funds. It would be better if you play on virtual places like

When preparing for any trip outside Hong Kong, it is necessary to know very well if we need a visa to the destination we are going to and, in that case, what type of visa we have. In the case of arriving from the People’s Republic of China and wanting to return to this country, it is totally necessary to have a visa for double multiple payment or, if not, it will be necessary to buy another visa. To visit Shenzhen there is a special visa valid for this area, but it is better to check beforehand, since the legislation on this and the conditions are changing. To travel to Macao, a passport is enough.


Camping Trip Tips

December 25, 2018

In order to ensure that your next camping adventure is as much fun as possible, simply continue reading to discover a helpful list of handy camping trip tips.

Camping trip tips:

1. Pack a solar powered or battery powered lantern

You may want to consider using a lantern to illuminate the inside of your tent in the evenings. As torches tend to point light in one direction, while a lantern can sit on the floor of your tent and will light up the whole of your tent.

2. Never use a non-stick pot or pan over a campfire

Never make the mistake of trying to use non-stick pots or pans over a campfire as doing so can release toxic chemicals. Instead, opt to utilize cast iron pots and pans when you camp.

3. Use a hydration bladder on your day-time adventures

If you find carrying a drink bottle around when you hike, cycle or kayak difficult, you may want to purchase a hydration bladder which you can carry on your back and sip on at your leisure.

4. Place large stones around the outside of your campfire

If you plan on making a campfire in order to roast marshmallows or to cook meals, it’s well worth surrounding the perimeter of your campfire with large stones that will prevent your fire from spreading too far.

5. Inspect your sports equipment well before your next camping trip

In order to avoid arriving at your campsite to find that your mountain bike has a puncture or that your kayak is missing an oar, it’s well worth inspecting all of your sports equipment, before your next camping trip. As that way, you’ll be able to locate any missing pieces or repair damaged pieces of equipment before your trip. Also make sure to check your car out before you road trip to your destination.

It’s also a great idea to check that you have all the necessary pieces to put up your tent. As you’ll be in a sticky situation if you go to put up your tent and find that you have a pole or two missing from your tent’s bag.

6. Make sure that you’re prepared for wet weather, even in the summertime

Even if you plan on camping during the warm, hot summer months, it’s still well worth packing wet weather gear such as a waterproof jacket as there’s always a possibility that it may rain on your next camping trip. If you want to protect your tent from a downpour, it’s also a great idea to pack a large plastic tarpaulin which you’ll be able to drape over your tent. If you are not using tents and instead have a camper or caravan you may even want to extend with a caravan annex for added protection.

7. Make sure that there are no fire bans in place before creating a fire

Make sure that the area which you’re camping in permits fires as you don’t want to be visited by a law enforcement officer such as a park ranger or a policeman or woman.

8. Pitch your tent before nightfall

It’s far easier to pitch your tent in direct sunlight than to try and scramble to pitch your tent during nightfall.

If you follow the tips listed above, you should enjoy a carefree, fun camping trip with your loved ones! To learn more about World Picture News, check out our about page.


Penang Travel Guide For First Timers

Penang, listed as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage, is world famous as an exotic holiday destination. When it comes to cultural sights and natural scenery, Penang will keep you spoiled for choices. Fondly nicknamed as the food capital of Malaysia, Penang is famous for its soft sandy beaches, temples, and gardens. It is very easy to reach Penang as Flights are readily available. You can travel from Kuala Lumpur to Penang via AirAsia. You can book the AirAsia ticket via Traveloka at an affordable price. Get ready to explore Penang which is a cocktail of Asian cultures living together happily and nature is as diverse as its culture.

Where to stay

Penang includes the island of Penang, and most visitors stay in Georgetown. Penang is a state in Malaysia that includes the island of Penang. For most visitors when they say they are going to Penang, they are going to Georgetown, which is Penang’s liveliest district. One can opt for a range of accommodations options such as comfortable backpacker inns, luxurious heritage hotel or rentals. Chulia Street and Love Lane is the area for backpackers and guesthouses.

Getting around in Penang
Traveling around in Penang is indeed a joy, and there is definitely an easy way to reach your destination no matter where it is. All major touristic spots are well connected and easily accessible. Public buses are the most popular and common transport in Penang, and the public transportation system is a lot better and improved than before. Other than the paid buses, you can also avail of the free shuttle bus or rent a car. A rented car offers you much more freedom and flexibility.

Things to do and explore

The diverse and cosmopolitan Penang is fast developing to an idyllic destination, and there is a steady rise in the number of tourists. George Town, located at its center is a bustling urban city. However, as you move away from the urban area, you will find yourself amidst mountainous jungle and farms, charming fishing villages and palm-fringed beaches. However else can you enjoy the stunning natural scenery as well as the melting pot of culture. There are plenty of hipster cafes, atmospheric temples and other attractions in Penang which offers a myriad of cultural sights and natural sceneries. The best part is that one can easily walk from one attraction to another.

  • Explore the modern metropolitan city of Georgetown known for its mixture of British colonial and Asian architectures.
  • Visit KOMTAR, Penang’s tallest skyscraper in Georgetown and wander around the city to see the temples and museums.
  • Enjoy the festival Cheah Kongsi, when the streets are decorated with lanterns and exude festive vibes during Chinese New Year festivals.
  • Make a trip to Bukit Bendera, the highest hill in Penang and one can easily hike all the way up.
  • Penang is famous for its beaches, and there are lots of beaches for the beach-lovers. Batu Feringghi is popular among locals and tourists and offers horse-riding, fish spa, jet-skiing as well as reflexology treatments.
  • Another famous beach is Monkey Beach in Teluk Bahang where one can enjoy the picturesqueness nature and jungle trek in the Penang National Park.
  • Visit Pinang Peranakan Mansion, which is a nineteenth century mansion now converted to museum and showcases more than a thousand antiques.
  • Penang is also famous for its food that boasts of a great variety. You must try the famous Indian-Muslim food, Nasi Kandar as well as the spicy noodle soup of Peranakan cuisine- Laksa Penang. You will like the bowl of shaved ice, Chendol with chewy green rice and fresh coconut milk.
  • There are also plenty of restaurants and cafes where one can enjoy the Japanese and western cuisine.


6 Ways to Pass the Time on the Daily Commute

The commute to and from work can often feel a little monotonous, especially if you find yourself stuck in traffic on an overcrowded bus or train in rush hour. However, you should aim to make the most of your free time before you arrive at work in order to get you ready for the day ahead or to unwind after a long day in the office. Check out the following six ways to pass the time on the daily commute.

  1. Write a Daily To-Do List

A daily to-do list will not only help you to set clear goals for the day ahead, but it will also allow you tick each one off your list, so you will feel a sense of achievement after each task is complete. You can start your day feeling motivated and can end it feeling proud of your accomplishments. Write a list of any tasks you need to complete at work or at home and get ready to begin crossing them off.

  1. Play a Fun Game

The hustle and bustle of a bus or train can be a little frustrating. If you want to ignore the chaos and distract yourself during the journey, play a game on the commute to work. For instance, you could visit Unibet to take your pick from many fantastic casino games online, such as live roulette and slots.

  1. Read a Book or Article

Boost your brain power before you arrive at work by reading a book or articles. Reading can reportedly not only make your more intelligent, but it can increase your memory function so that it can make your mind sharper. So, pick up a fiction, non-fiction or industry trade book to increase your intelligence and focus, and you will be a force to be reckoned with in the workplace.

  1. Draft the Best Business Emails

You might prefer to send emails from the office to ensure they are 100% accurate; however, there is nothing stopping you from drafting them on the commute to work. Doing so can cut down on your tasks once you arrive at the office, so it can give you a head start on the working day and reduce stress.

  1. Think of New Ideas

Most employers are looking for creative employees who have the initiative to come up with new and exciting ideas for the company. Use the commute well by thinking up different ideas that can streamline processes, market the business, and help the company make a greater profit. Once you reach work, you can then impress your boss with your ideas, which could help you to stand out from your colleagues. It can, therefore, be a helpful way to quickly climb the ladder and improve your job security, as you will become indispensable to the company.

  1. Strengthen Your Professional Network

Whether you are looking to land new clients, forge new business relationships, or reach out to prospective employers, you should use your spare time to strengthen your professional network. For example, you could connect with like-minded professionals on LinkedIn, or cold call potential customers or businesses via email, which can help you to grow professionally before you have officially started the working day.

4 Major Tips To Survive A Last-Minute Travel

During the holiday season, almost everyone is having their vacation everywhere. And if you are one of those who caught the travel bug, then it will never be too late for you to go on an escapade as well.

There won’t be such a thing as too late for the spontaneous people out there. If you want to travel, then go! As long as everything will be settled in the fastest way, then you are ready to go on your trip. Planning is an important part of having a great vacation, but it does not mean you cannot travel out of impulse. Sometimes, the best travel experiences are something you do not plan.

If you are up for an adventure, here are some tips on how to survive a last-minute travel wherever you choose to go:

Check out travel websites

All last-minute travellers know that plenty of travel websites online are treasure troves. With just a few clicks, these sites will give you the latest accommodation and transportation availability. Not only that, there are all-inclusive vacations and deals on bundled packages, too. Third-party websites are very useful for last-minute travellers, for you can score great deals through them. More so, airlines offer discounts to red-eye flights that either arrive late or depart early. In case you have no problem with this kind of schedule, then this could be the easiest way to save more and push through with your travel.

Pack light

In order to move freely when travelling last minute, you need to pack light. Too much stuff will be a burden for you, especially if you encounter some problems along the way. Additionally, more stuff could mean more time to spare to check in your luggage or keep track of it. As much as possible, bring only the essentials when you wing your trip.

Book your first night’s accommodation

It makes sense to book accommodation on your first night prior to your arrival because this helps you relax and be able to adjust to your foreign surrounding. Once you are settled, you can change your plans as needed. But if you think your accommodation is good enough the rest of your stay, then there is no need to look for another one. Simply extend your stay and enjoy your vacation. 

Make your itinerary while on route.

The internet is accessible in most parts of the world, so it won’t be difficult to plan the places you want to visit while you are waiting for your plane, bus, or while you are relaxing in your hotel room. There are many itineraries and tips from different travel websites and bloggers, so it won’t be hard picking the perfect itinerary. Consider your proximity to tourist destinations or rent a car to easily visit these locations. In countries like New Zealand, renting a car is important because the tourist attractions are far from each other. You can book a last minute car here, or you can go online to search according to your preference. Elsewhere, countries like Japan and South Korea have a convenient train system, so you can opt for just a public transport instead of renting a car.

Remember, consider your mode of transportation when picking free itineraries online.

Certainly, a last-minute travel could be stressful and challenging, but still an exciting one. By simply following these helpful tips mentioned above, you can survive this fun adventure. It is just a matter of being flexible and able to adjust easily to any situation that you might encounter. A last-minute travel could be the best trip of your life!

Renting A Vacation Home Instead Of A Hotel Room

Every time you go on a vacation, you need to get the right accommodation. The options you need to consider are a rental home versus a hotel room. Vacation homes offer multiple advantages, which include:


The cost of renting a vacation home is much lower than for a hotel room. This is because you are able to get a lot more discounts, especially when travelling as a group, and for long stays. You can enjoy reduced prices and enjoy your stay for longer. This is a great advantage.


Comparing a vacation home to a hotel room, there is another huge difference. A rental home will offer you about 1,300 square metres of space. You cannot compare this to a hotel room. When travelling as a team or family, you can enjoy better space at Apartments in Edinburgh, just like at home.

Kids and pets

In most hotels, they restrict kids and pets. The restriction makes it difficult to have a great time on vacation with your family. However, the best way is to go for a vacation rental. You can travel with your pets and kids without restrictions. The children will enjoy it and get motivation from the vacation.


Going for a vacation rental offers you more privacy. When you need to be alone, apartments in Edinburgh will provide you with ample space, for your privacy. When you have the option of self-catering apartments, nobody will enter your apartment to deliver anything.

Great features

Vacation rental homes offer you a wide range of features for you to enjoy. This is unlike a hotel where you get a bed and bathroom. With a vacation rental, you are bound to enjoy a TV screen, a fully equipped kitchen, game console, a porch to enjoy the sunset, and much more. This gives it a homely feeling.

Run your schedule

Staying at a hotel means abiding by its schedules. There is a set time for meals and other activities. A vacation rental will offer you a great time to stay and you can enjoy running your own schedule. You can have meals when you like and you can take lots of pictures while enjoying your leisure activities when it is convenient for you.

When opting for a vacation home, you avoid certain costs such as the mini-bar, internet, room service and much more. These can make a hotel room very expensive. Take the option to stay in a rental home and enjoy minimal cost. Travelling as a family is cheaper since you need not book two rooms; a single rental home is enough. With a centrally located apartment, you have every reason to make your booking right away. 

6 Top Tips Every Aspiring Travel Photographer Must Read

Do you dream of traveling the world to take exceptional photographs? If so, you could have the passion and ambition needed to become a professional travel photographer. However, if you want to make it a career, you must strive to stand out from other budding photographers. Here are six top tips every aspiring travel photographer must read.

  1. Wake Early

Every successful travel photographer will tell you to find the right light when snapping a photo. The best light can often come one hour after sunrise and one hour following sunset, which will also be determined by where you are in the world, of course. So, if you are looking for superb photo opportunities, wake early to capture the best images while tourists are asleep.

  1. Choose the Right Accommodation

Travel photographers need to be in the thick of the action to capture the finest photographs. You, therefore, need to stay in a central location, so you have easy access to the best views and landmarks. Hop-on, hop-off city tour buses are not just for tourists, either, as they can help a travel photographer navigate their way around a destination with ease – and they will also learn some tidbits along the way that could provide travel photography inspiration. Buy a city tour tickets at

  1. Be Inspired

If you want to become an exceptional travel photographer, you must seek inspiration from masters of the craft. This will allow you to learn new ideas and angles, which could sharpen your skills and improve your weaknesses. So, attend photography lectures, read travel books, review others’ travel photography portfolios, and visit art galleries to continually be inspired.

  1. Gain a Feel for the Place

Travel photography is an art. It’s not about taking pretty photographs. It’s about presenting images that represent a culture as it stands today. You must, therefore, look beyond the camera to capture the essence of a destination. So, try the local food, listen to the music, smell the beautiful aromas from the market, which can help you gain a greater understanding of a culture, which you can then successfully create and capture in your travel photographs.

  1. Travel Light

Don’t be tempted to take all your expensive, heavy photography equipment on your travels. There will be times when you will need to venture off the beaten path, or will need to hike or trek to find the best views at a destination. You’ll, therefore, need to travel light, so only take your camera, two lenses, one zoom and one prime lens. You’ll be glad you did in the long-run.

  1. Travel Slowly

If time is not an issue, take your time during your travel photography adventure. For example, rather than flying by plane, travel to your destination by bus or train. This will allow you to take in more sights along the way, and you could enjoy some great interactions with the locals, capture memorable moments and take some great shots or learn more about a culture.

Why you should have a VPN when you travel!

If you plan on traveling in the near future and foresee yourself using WiFi in order to keep in touch with your friends and family members back home, simply continue reading to discover why you should have a VPN when you travel.

3 Reasons why you shouldn’t travel abroad, without a VPN:

1.   You can use a VPN to bypass censorship, whilst you’re traveling

Whilst traveling in certain parts of the world, you may find that you’re unable to access sites, which you use on an everyday basis, due to government censorship. As an example, without paying for a VPN you may find it difficult to access popular western social media websites such as Facebook and Youtube, whilst traveling in China. In some parts of the world such as Burma and Vietnam, you may even be unable to access popular international news sites such as CNN, without a reliable VPN. Access to certain sites and applications may especially be important for work purposes. As a photographer, you can’t go without your top software programs and sites needed to complete your job.

  1. You’ll be able to geo spoof your location

If you try to access accounts which you have paid for, such as a Netflix account or a Spotify account, whilst you’re overseas, you may find that you’re blocked out of your account. As certain content which may be freely available when you’re at home may be blocked to individuals in foreign countries. However, if you purchase a handy VPN, you’ll be able to spoof your current location, so that it appears that you’ll still at home. When in fact you’re on a safari in Africa, sunbathing on a white sandy beach in Fiji or exploring a museum in Europe. Which means that you’ll be able to utilize free WiFI and avoid paying for WiFi, which will save you money to spend on activities, food, and souvenirs. After all, nobody wants to be forced to pay a king’s ransom, in order to pay for data. Especially, if a hotel or internet cafe forces you to purchase data by the gigabyte.

  1. You’ll be able to protect your electronic devices from hackers

It’s becoming more and more commonplaces for cities, shopping centers, restaurants and hotels to offer free WiFi. However, if you attempt to access free WiFi without a VPN, you’ll risk having hackers try to steal your details. Such as your username and passwords to your online bank accounts. Fortunately, if you pay for a reliable VPN service, all of your data will be encrypted and protected from would-be hackers, who are looking to prey on unsuspecting tourists, who are looking to take advantage of free WiFi.So if you plan to use WiFi on a free network whilst you’re traveling it’s well worth purchasing a VPN before you leave the country. As the last thing you want to happen whilst you’re 3,000 miles from home is far your credit card details to be stolen. Especially if you plan on using your credit card to purchase flights or accommodation.

So if you plan on traveling internationally in the near future, it’s well worth making sure that you purchase a reliable VPN, which can be found at, before you step foot on a plane.

Top Sights of Colorado

November 30, 2017

A simple glance into a typical Colorado travel guide will overwhelm anyone with the wide range of possibilities and gorgeous landmarks the state has to offer. You can stay at beautiful rentals in Colorado or go the hotel route, but whatever you decide, there is tons to see and do in this wonderful destination.

From the spectacularly wild scenery of the Garden of the Gods or the Black Canyon to the beautiful tranquility of the Vali town and the surrounding areas, Colorado has something anyone can enjoy. This stunning state offers year-round destinations filled with excellent, breathtaking landscapes. You won’t be able to travel and work easily, as a lot of what Colorado can offer involves disconnecting and getting back in tune with nature.

1. Rocky Mountain National Park

One of the most visited national parks in the United States, Rocky Mountain National Park is full of wonderful landscapes: alpine lakes and meadows, over 100 mountain peaks, forests and thriving wildlife. The main driving route that will take travelers through the park is the Trail Ridge Road that extends to over 12,000 feet. The route is a great way to access the astonishing terrain without any difficulty. Although a car ride through the road will offer great landscapes, nothing beats hiking a trail. Some of the popular activities are hiking, camping, fishing, wildlife viewing, climbing, and bouldering.

2. Garden of the Gods

A registered National Natural Landmark and a unique landscape, Garden of the Gods is composed of jagged stone towers and fins at 300 feet from the earth. The landscape is completed by huge boulders and rock piles. There are several easy trails that allow tourists to get very close to the impressive rocks. The park is one of the best spots for rock climbing. Other activities that are popular are mountain biking, horseback riding, biking in the special biking lanes, and even Jeep and Segway tours.

3. Mesa Verde National Park

Any visitor will be instantly amazed by the breathtaking ruins and the access the Mesa Verde National Park allows. Cliff Palace is the park’s most important piece and has a breathtaking setting and well-preserved ruins. Some tours will allow tourists to climb right into the heart of the dwelling. Mesa Verde, formerly home of the Ancestral Pueblo, can be accessed by a long road that takes above the landscape. It takes about 45 minutes to drive from the highway to the site and it is worthwhile.

4. Pikes Peaks

Pikes Peaks is part of the Pike National Forest and it can be easily seen from Colorado Springs. It rises up to 14,115 feet in elevation and is one of the most popular fourteeners in Southwest. Pikes Peaks is not popular only in the United States, but it is one of the most visited mountains in the world, bested only by Mt. Fuji. While many mountain peaks are difficult to climb and thus inaccessible to average persons, Pikes Peak can be seen with the Pikes Peak Cog Railway, a train that takes the tourists through one of the most beautiful trips.

5. Black Canyon

An extraordinary, beautifully rugged canyon, Black Canyon is part of the attractions in Gunnison National Park. It is hugely overwhelming and has some of the oldest rocks and steepest cliffs in North America. The canyon was sculpted by the Gunnison River in over two million years. The popular activities include camping, sightseeing, hiking, rock climbing and wildlife watching. The trails are mostly flat and easy on the rim. The most adventurous of people can hike right into the canyon but the trails aren’t properly marked and the conditions require a degree of resilience.