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5 Simple Ways to Find Better-Paying Freelance Writing Jobs


Being a freelance writer is fascinating. You’ll enjoy flexibility, increase your knowledge about a vast collection of topics, and have control over your time. While these and many more are the benefits of being a freelance writer, it is vital to note that the pay isn’t going to be lucrative at first especially if you don’t know where to find high paying freelance writing work. On a site like, for example, you can get more than $1000 to write a dissertation. There are many other sites like this, but before that, you can start getting a steady flow of high paying gigs online.

How To Find High Paying Freelance Writing Jobs Online

1. Create A Professional Website

If you want clients to pay you like a professional, you need to create a website that presents you as a professional. These days, the first thing the clients examine when considering an individual for service is their website. Your website should be designed by a highly skilled web developer. The content on your website should be written in correct English with no typographical or grammatical errors. The website should have a blog that is updated regularly with informative content. It should not always be about direct pitching.

2. Request Referrals From Satisfied Clients

When you have a satisfied client, feel free to ask him or her for referrals. If you met the client on a gig platform, ask them to give you a five-star rating and written feedback. That will help to increase the trust other clients have in your work skills, allowing you to charge higher. If you didn’t meet the client on any gig platform, you could simply ask them to post a testimonial on your website. You don’t need to be afraid to request a referral, especially when your client is satisfied.

3. Contact Clients Directly

One way to reduce the competition is to reach out to clients directly. Contact businesses that may need your services and tell them how they would benefit from having a freelance writer on their team. When a company is convinced that your services will be beneficial, they will be willing to pay anything you ask. There are also many websites that need the services of freelance writers but may not put adverts on job boards.

4. Write Free Guest Posts

This option may sound counterproductive, but it is one of the best ways to build your reputation and establish yourself in your niche. When your content is spectacular, individuals and groups that need writing services will contact you. To increase your chances of making more money by guest blogging for free, aim for high authority sites that get thousands of users daily. Remember that the higher the quality of your guest post, the higher the chances of being contacted by a client.

5. Build Your Network With Other Writers

The fact that you’re a freelance writer doesn’t mean you need to be a lone wolf. You can build your network with other writers rather than always see them as competitors. There are many social media groups for freelance writers you can visit to build your network. Join as many as you can, and be willing to exchange ideas with them. They can give you tips on how to get high paying gigs. Make sure that you’re not always at the receiving end of information. Be willing to contribute meaningfully in every group.


Being a freelance writer is profitable, but keep in mind that you’re not going to start getting high paying jobs overnight. You need to devote time and effort to create a name for yourself in the industry. Also, make sure that you are always ready to learn and improve your skills. It may not happen tomorrow, next week, or next month. However, you will eventually become a writer who never has to look for clients.

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Smart TV – 5 Notable Advantages


Not unlike how the bulky CRT television sets paved the way for the sleeker LCDs as well as LED variants, smart TVs have become the new trend in home entertainment today. After all, not only do they enable their users to access the internet through their built-in software but in doing so, limitations such as programme schedules and restrictions by television networks are rendered non-existent. And in this article, we will discuss the notable advantages that these types of TVs have over the alternatives and how they can vastly improve our entertainment experience.

  1. Internet connectivity

If there is one feature that defines a Smart TV, it is its ability to allow its users to go online. Whether you choose to connect to the internet either through Ethernet or Wi-Fi, the online connectivity that the platform offers provides a number of advantages that include, but aren’t necessarily limited to, video streaming from popular media providers, uploading content of your own and listening to music.

  1. Convenience in minimalism

Another advantage that smart televisions boast over other alternatives is the minimalistic approach in design. Since the technology that it offers its users is all built into the TV itself, the need for additional and external devices as well as peripherals becomes unnecessary. In this way, a smart TV is not only a cost-effective option, but it will also help keep your entertainment centre neat and organised too.

  1. Ease of use

With its wide range of features, you might think that navigating its interface can be a time-consuming and tedious task. But the fact of the matter is that nothing could be farther from the truth. From voice-assisted tools to mobile connectivity services, using a smart TV is easy for both tech-savvy individuals and laymen alike.

  1. Affordability

Despite the advanced technology that powers most smart TVs, these products aren’t as expensive as some might think. In fact, they’re relatively inexpensive and affordable to own. With a staggering number of available models offered at a wide range of prices, you’ll be hard-pressed not to find a smart TV that will enhance your viewing pleasure at a price that you’ll be more than happy to pay.

  1. Longevity

It’s an unavoidable reality for any electronic product to be replaced with newer variants, and televisions are no exception. But with constant development and updates in the software they use such as applications by fx digital, smart TVs offer users long-term entertainment when compared to their non-smart counterparts.

Even with the sheer popularity of mobile technology in the market today, televisions remain as relevant now as they ever have been in the past due in no small part to smart TVs. After all, they offer a lot of features and functionalities that significantly improve the user entertainment experience. And with plenty of available options, they are as easy to find as they are cheap to purchase. So, for those in the market for a new television set, you can do no better than a smart TV.

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Ways to Avoid Extra Costs When Renting a Large House


Renting a large house on a short trip will cost you a lot. These houses come with facilities you might not have when you decide to book a regular hotel room. If you can enjoy all these facilities, you can safely say that the place is worth renting.

Imagine being in a house with a mini library, a swimming pool, entertainment rooms, and even a golf course. Even if you work hard, you might not have all of them in your own house. Instead, you can rent the place for a night and feel like you own it. Besides, once you rent the home, it is yours for that time, and you can do whatever you want.

You need to be cautious, though, as you could incur more fees if you are too clumsy.

Follow the rules

Before you sign the deal and finalise the reservation, you need to read the terms. Some owners are quite strict. For instance, they do not allow you to bring pets. They also require you to clean up the place before leaving or pay additional fees for cleaning. As long as you understand these rules and you are willing to follow them, it is okay.

Avoid restricted places

Some owners ban their guests from entering certain areas in the house. It does not mean that they are trying to prevent you from having fun. It means that they might have items inside some rooms that they do not want you to touch. It is also possible that some areas are under renovation or there are repair issues that the owner is yet to fix. You could damage the property if you force your way in. Therefore, if told that the place is not for guests, you need to obey. Of course, the owner needs to explain this information before you book the place.

Be tough with your kids

At home, you might allow your kids to run around and enjoy everything. If they break anything, you have no choice but to forgive them. You believe that they are only kids, and they deserve to play. However, when you are in someone else’s house, you need to be careful. The items might be very expensive, and you do not want your kids to break them. Let them know that you are staying in a different place for the night and they need to be on their best behaviour. They can still play and have fun, but it does not mean they can touch the items that do not belong to them.

Do not get too drunk

Perhaps, you decide to rent a large house because you want to enjoy a pool party with your friends and get drunk. Make sure not to get too drunk since you could end up damaging some items inside the house. Tell someone in the group to remain sober to ensure that people will not go too crazy to the point that they start destroying the house.

Big houses for rent are worth it, but you need to be careful to avoid extra fees when you leave.

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Are You A Struggling Photographer

Here Is How You Can Make It!

Invoices, Payday Loans and More

Are you an aspiring photographer trying to make it big in this competitive world? Do you feel that your passion for photography is not enough to pay your hefty bills, whether that’s your daily expenses or the more critical bills, such as your mortgage? Do you ever consider giving up your love for a steady, more stable income job? If these are the question taking over your sanity, it is important to know that there is hope. Most people take the job of photography lightly, when in reality, it is something that requires effort, time, and consistency. Luckily, there are ways that can allow all aspiring or current photographers to receive the payment they deserve!

To make things easier on your end, here are the tips you should follow in order to make sure you are invoicing correctly:

Include the Important Information

No photographer would want their payment to be delayed. However, delayed payments are quite common because the complete invoice data is not sent out to the client. Including irrelevant details in the invoice can lead to confused and frustrated clients that could reject your invoice. In this case, it is important to make sure your invoice has all important information.

Just remember, the more –relevant- details in the invoice, the less room for disagreement.

Opt For a Standard Template

With a standard template for the invoice, you will be giving yourself a professional outlook while giving out your information. If you are having troubles in finding a proper invoice template, you can always create your own.

Staying Professional

When you are constantly photographing a client, there is no way you will not begin to understand them. Throughout the whole process, you must have communicated, asked questions and listened to your clients carefully. This must have led to you and your client establishing a business relationship, however, be careful. Do not let this relationship make you slack away from sending your invoice. Keep in mind, even if you think the client has gone over their budget, you need to let them know instead of staying quiet. Do not ask for immediate payment, but do give them reminders.

However, sometimes clients tend to take advantage of this relationship and cannot pay on the right date. Having a client that is not paying on the right date can cause troubles for you. If you have to meet deadlines and pay off bills, but do not have the cash, try out payday loans. Payday loans are loans you are taking from lenders that you will have to pay back with a fee attached to it. Say, if you are taking $100, you will have to pay back $130 or so. Even though are getting instant cash, make sure you are paying back before the price is too high. If you are in a cash emergency, try out Bonsai Finance.

Think and Act Fast

Before taking up new work or after one project has come to an end, send out your invoice. Delaying the invoice will not only result in delayed payment but it will allow your client to think of you as an unprofessional photographer. With this thought in mind, there is a chance the client is taking advantage of this. To prevent this from happening, all you have to do is send out your invoice as soon as you can.

Make an Agreement

It is well understood about the business world (and you do not even have to be in the business world to understand this) that clients are often extremely lazy in giving their payment. While some might delay the payment, others might just disappear without even doing so. This is the sad, but true reality of business.

What you can do to prevent this from happening is making an agreement. Before you are saying “yes” to the client, hand the client a letter of agreement that clearly states all your terms and deadlines. Nothing in the agreement should be too complex for the client to understand nor should it be too ambiguous. It should be simple so the client can sign it before you start working for him or her.

Keep Account of Your Expenses

An essential step in business is keeping account of your expenses. Even the cab you took to meet your client or the props you got last minute should be counted in these expenses. Even if this seems weird to do in the beginning, in the long run, it will help your business.

From the beginning of your photography career, you need to make sure there is an established way of organizing receipts and other records. Whether you choose to write these expenses and keep them in folders, or input the data onto your computer or laptop, make sure it is safe and easy for you to understand in the future.

Understand Taxes

In the beginning, understanding how taxes work can be confusing. However, just know that you need to get the right information and record it because it is as important as choosing the right photography equipment for a big shoot.

Making a Client


  • Meet the client and discuss the goal of the shoot
  • Provide your client with the access to your work and contact information

First Meeting

  • Prepare the workspace
  • Ask question so you can understand the client
  • Show previous works
  • Talk about the pricing and payment
  • Give them an agreement

Booking Process

  • Sign the contact
  • Discuss shoot details

Before the Shoot

  • Set a date and choose the location
  • Talk about the ideas
  • Confirm the date, time and location
  • Prepare your equipment

After the Shoot

  • Send a thank you email
  • With client’s consent, share the images
  • Sort and edit photos
  • Confirm date and time for viewing photos
  • Share photos with client
  • Send the invoice
  • Deliver the photos to the client

These are simple ways you can make it as a photographer. Stick to the simple tips and you will be receiving the amount of money you deserve!

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The Fundamentals of USB-C

Those who are familiar with personal technology understand that the idea of a universal standard is very rare. Sometimes, you can see a format conflict that ultimately ends with one option supplanting the other, like how Blu-ray ultimately beat out HD-DVD to become the successor to DVDs.

One exception in this regard is USB-C in terms of its prominence. It can be found on just about any device you can think of, but not every single USB-C port out there is the same, even if they look identical. So, whether you’re looking for a USB C to VGA connection or have simpler plans for your new device, here’s a starter guide on how to understand them and work them to your advantage.

The USB-C Cable Explained

The origins of USB-C lie with the USB Implementers Forum a group of over 700 companies including PC giants like Apple, Dell, Microsoft, and Samsung. This is part of the reason why USB-C has been so easily accepted across a wide span of different PCs. Compare it to some of the options like MagSafe, which never really caught on outside of the Apple umbrella.

If you take a look at a USB-C connector, there’s a chance it looks a lot like a micro USB connector, with one major difference. Similar to MagSafe and Lightning, as USB-C connector is fully reversible, with no up or down orientation. This is a major leap above USB technology, which some people called “dumb” cables because you had to plug them in a certain way or at a certain orientation, or not reap any benefits at all. Note that every USB-C cable you buy has a 3.1 protocol at the base. Running at 10Gpbs, this is nearly twice as fast as USB 3.0.

Note that the USB Implementers Forum defines the Gen 1 USB 3.1 standard as meeting the interface and data signaling rates as USB 3.0. Basically, this means USB 3.1. Gen 1 goes at the same 5Gbps speeds as USB 3.0. 3.1 Gen 2, though, means rates at 10Gpbs. This can match a single-channel Thunderbolt’s speed.

Supporting Your Ports

USB-C supports various video signals and power streams, so in terms of external display connections, you can use DisplayPort, HDMI, or MHL, so long as you have the proper adapters and cables. Notably, you can transfer audio through USB-C, and some have suggested USB-C as a possible replacement for the classic 3.5 mm headphone jack. However, this hasn’t entirely taken root yet.

For PC shoppers, you want to make sure that you take a close look at the specs, especially if you’re looking to set up some external displays. Power delivery and data transfers will generally be compatible no matter what. The same applies to USB C to ethernet connections as well. but not every PC manufacturer has ports that will connect to every type of graphics hardware, not yet anyway.

One area that may be a bit confusing for people making the switch to USB-C is how it matches with older USB 3.0 ports. Electrically, these can work, and your USB-C is completely compatible with any USB 3.1 ports. However, if you have a peripheral or connection without a USB-C plug, you need to buy an adapter or cable. In some cases, these may come with your laptop, in others, you need to make a purchase.

One way to navigate this issue is by buying a few typical USB-C cables. These will work with anything that supports USB-C. Those who may remember the trouble of trying to charge a micro USB phone with a mini USB charger can appreciate the added benefits here.

Following Proper Procedures With Your USB Type-C Cable

One thing that also bears mentioning with USB-C, like any types of cables, is that you need to follow the proper procedures both with using them and buying devices with them in mind. For example, many people like to make their laptops into a desktop-like station, with different peripherals all plugged in. However, with the advent of USB-C, maintaining these items and adapters for all of your legacy peripherals can be a headache, especially if your computer has only one USB-C port to go around.

One thing that can make this easier is the advent of the USB-C docking station. PC manufacturers and third-parties alike offer these handy tools, making it possible to recharge your laptop and have access to extra ports like ethernet or HDMI. If needed, you can even put in additional support for multiple monitors.

So, with this said, do you need USB-C in order to get by nowadays? It’s certainly something you want to consider. For example, if you are interested in buying a very thin laptop, it’s likely going to have a USB-C port by necessity, giving you little choice when it comes to learning the ropes. Many newer desktops are going to have these as well, particularly some of the higher-end options or gaming computers.

In addition, many people have been concerned in the past about incompatibility and potentially damaging their products by charging with the wrong USB-C cable. The fact of the matter is that these issues can happen any time that you fail to properly vet the products that you buy and the vendors you buy from. As long as you do your research on cables, you’ll be just fine. For example, a properly made cable will have resistors so you never have to worry about frying a device, even if it’s the wrong one for that cable.

Ultimately, the gulf in power and data transferrance between USB-C and its counterparts mean that even if you’re not interested in it now, you probably will certainly. Many people may remember the times when USB slowly overtook options like ADB, parallel, FireWire, and SCSI. In time, it looks like USB-C will do the same.

usb-c usb-c cable usb type-c usb c to ethernet usb c to vga

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Designing a Unique Office Space

If you’d like to design an office space, which is functional, safe and stylish, continue reading to discover a few handy tips to help you get started.

Designing a unique office space:

1. Consider purchasing an ottoman to decorate your office with

If space in your office is limited, consider purchasing an ottoman which guests can use as a seat. This will add a pop of colour and texture to your office space.

2. Place unique, eye catching light fixtures in your office

Besides having the proper lighting in your office for health and safety measures you can also use it to create a more modern office. One way to do this is to replace your current light fixtures with stylish, sleek office lighting. You’ll be able to install in a few minutes and it will totally change the look and feel of your office.

If you’re looking for more information on health and safety in your office check out,

3. Place a textured rug in your office

One way to make your office space seem a little more inviting is to place a textured rug such as a shaggy rug or a faux fur rug in the middle of your office. If your office has a minimalist inspired vibe you may want to opt for a simple white or black shaggy rug, while if you’re not afraid of a bit of color, you may want to opt for a colorful textured rug.

4. If you have plenty of room, place a tall table in your office

If you have a large office space and foresee visitors spending time in your office on a regular basis, it’s well worth placing a tall table in the middle of your office. As tall tables paired with stylish stools are great if you see yourself hosting business meetings in your office.

One of the benefits of opting for a tall table over a regular table is that you’ll be able to hide your stools under your table, when you’re not using them, which will give you extra space in your office.

5. Turn one of your walls into a living wall 

What is a living wall? A living wall is an indoor garden which you can create with a wire planter wall frame. So if have a green thumb and would love to brighten up your office, it’s well worth finding out more information about creating your very own living wall.

6. Place a corner desk in your office

If you’re always running out of desk space, you may want to place a corner desk in your office, which will provide you with extra room to place items such as work related folders and stationary.

7. Place a large map of the world on one of your walls

Alternatively, another one way to create a unique, one of a kind office is to have a map of the world painted on one of your walls. Alternatively, you may be able to find wall paper or wall decals which feature a large map of the world, which you may be interested purchasing.

8. Floor to ceiling window

If you’d love to work with a stunning view, it may be worth incorporating a floor to ceiling window in your office. This will also add more natural lighting into your space.

Hopefully you’ve discovered a few creative office design ideas, that will transform the look and feel of your office!

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10 Natural Ways to Reduce the Symptoms of a Migraine

If you’ve never experienced a migraine, they can be difficult to explain. They’re far more than just a plain headache and can cause excruciating pain. When one strikes, you’ll be prepared to do almost anything to make the pain go away. Symptoms include pain, nausea, tingling or numbness in the hands and feet, visual changes, vomiting, and sensitivity to light and sound. These symptoms can be debilitating and have a significant impact on sufferers’ daily lives. Medical treatment is one of the ways to reduce the symptoms, however, an increasing number of people prefer to use more natural treatments. Here are 10 treatments you might want to try.

1. Avoid the Triggers

There are a number of food and beverages that are known to trigger migraines. They include chocolate, cheese, alcohol, pickled foods, dried fruits, processed foods, beans, and cultured dairy products. If you want to know which foods trigger your migraines, keep a daily food diary.

2. Acupressure

This is a therapy that involves applying pressure with the fingers and hands to certain parts of the body. For many people, it is a very effective way of relieving the pain of chronic headaches and other conditions.

3. CBD Oil

There is evidence that CBD oil can reduce pain and inflammation for people living with arthritis, and it is thought it may work in a similar way for migraine sufferers, too. CBD (cannabidiol) is one of many active compounds found in cannabis and hemp plants. CBD oil is made by extracting CBD from either plants and then diluting it with a carrier oil such as coconut or hemp seed oil. There are numerous sites where you can purchase hemp products wholesale online.

4. Essential Oils

Inhaling lavender essential oil eases the pain of a migraine for some people. It can be inhaled directly or applied in a diluted form to the temples. Peppermint oil is another essential oil often used to stop a migraine coming on.

5. Ginger

Ginger can ease nausea that is caused by a variety of conditions, migraines included. Research has also shown that ginger powder can decrease the severity and duration of a migraine attack.

6. Yoga

Yoga is not recommended as a primary treatment for migraines. However, it is thought to support overall health and be beneficial as a complementary therapy.

7. Magnesium

A deficiency of magnesium is linked to headaches and migraines. It’s possible to increase your intake of magnesium from foods such as almonds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, peanut butter, oatmeal, cashews, eggs, and milk.

8. Stress Management

Stress is a common trigger for migraines and can also be responsible for creating a cycle whereby the migraine pain makes the stress worse and then triggers another migraine. It’s important to find ways to manage your stress such as exercise or meditation.

9. Acupuncture

Acupuncture has proved to be a very successful treatment for people with migraine headaches. It’s not something you can do at home, however, so make sure you find a licensed practitioner for this kind of treatment.

10. Herbal supplements

Two herbal supplements that have proved to be very successful are butterbur and feverfew. Before trying any kind of herbal supplement, speak with your doctor first.

Who Said Apps Can’t Make You Money?

We are living in the age of apps – your phone has them, your Windows 10 has them, everything seems to be an app these days. And to be honest, the app society can be rather tiring at times. But besides the useful, and useless apps, for personal or work usage, there are also apps out there that can help you earn money from anywhere you are. Even if you’re traveling. And extra cash, would any of us say no to that?

Clarity is an app which allows you mentor people via a phone call at the price you have set. So if you’ve thought of starting a phone consultation business you could do from anywhere, this app might be able to help you with that. Even while you’re waiting at the airport.

Gigwalk pays its users to ensure its clients’ products are being presented as they should be. This means that you can search for gigs in your area and check out some product displays in stores near you. Depending on a gig, they might pay you anywhere between $3 and $100 after your job is done.

While the name Airmule might not sound too safe, that app might be very useful for people traveling between the U.S. and China, especially if you have spare space in your luggage. The app pays you to transport travel boxes from one country to another. But you don’t have to worry about legality of it all, it’s all legal and you don’t have to worry about becoming a drug mule. How much can you earn? Up to $500.

Foap makes it possible to monetize your photos. Simply make a portfolio of your photos online, photos you are okay with anyone else using, and earn up to $5 per purchase each. And if your photos are picked up by stock photo companies like Getty or Shutterstock, you might even earn more. And they also have Foap Missions where specific photos are asked and where you can earn very nicely.

iPoll is an app where users can earn gift cards, airline miles and more in exchange for completing 15- to 20-minute surveys.

Slidejoy offers you $5-$15 a month for putting ads on your Android device, so you kind of do nothing to get paid. Is $5-$15 worth the ads is of course another question.

Obviously you can also play lottery online through other kinds of apps, and if you end up winning, you could say that app made you some money as well.

So using apps, be them as annoying as they are, can actually earn you some money.

The Best Ways To Win Money Online

Contrary to popular belief, winning money online is actually possible and is simpler than you may think. If you’re interested in making serious money by winning money online, simply continue reading to discover some of the most effective ways to win money online!

The best ways to win money online:

  1. Bet on your favorite sports

If you’re obsessed with sports chances are that you’ll have enough sports-related knowledge about most of the teams which you follow, in order to make sports bets, which could make you a sizeable profit! Examples of some of the sports which you can currently bet on include football, basketball, and hockey. Although many online betting agencies will also allow you to bet on the results of well known international tournaments such as the Fifa World Cup and the US Open.

So if you believed that the only type of sports that you could legally bet on were horse and dog races, think again. As in this day and age, there are dozens of sports which you can safely and legally bet on online.

  1. Practice your favorite online games, in order to win cash prizes

Alternatively, if you’re more interested in playing online games rather than watching sports, you may have more success winning money online by practicing one or two online games, which offer cash prizes. As an example, if you’re a talented card player, you may want to consider practicing your poker skills in order to enter into online, high stakes poker tournaments.

As another example, if you enjoy playing shoot em up style games, you may also want to practice specific games, which frequently offer international tournaments, which offer lucrative cash prizes.

  1. Enter as many free online competitions as you can

If you have a bit of free time up your sleeves, it’s definitely well worth using your free time in order to search for free online competitions, which offer cash prizes. Just ensure that the company which is in charge of running a competition is a legitimate trustworthy company, before giving them your personal contact details. Such as your full name, street address and phone number.

Just remember not to be too discovered if you don’t win a cash prize straight away as when it comes to winning online competitions, success is a numbers game and the more competitions you enter the higher your chances will be of eventually winning a cash prize!

  1. Consider entering an online lottery

Another method of winning online money legally is to enter an online lottery. Usually, if you’re interested in entering an online lottery, all you’ll have to do is to purchase an inexpensive ticket. If your ticket is drawn as the winner of an online lottery, you’ll be contacted in order to claim your cash prize. So if you’re not interested in spending hours becoming an expert at an online game or trying to predict sports results, entering reputable online lotteries such as, the Best Licensed Online Casino in NJ, may be the opportunity to win serious money online which you’re looking for.

So if you’re keen to win money online, it’s well worth trying out some of the foolproof ideas listed above.

World Cup in Russia Set to be a Technological Extravaganza

The 2018 World Cup in Russia will bring together the finest footballing nations on the planet and the event will include a wide range of technological advancements to support proceedings.

Online streaming and the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) system are two examples of how technology will feature at the tournament and both have the potential to change the sport forever. Read on as we take a look at both.

Online streaming

Around $1.85 billion will be generated in broadcasting deals over the next two World Cups. Over 190 networks around the world will have live coverage and for the first time in history the tournament will have extensive online streaming on rights holder websites and mobile apps.

FIFA has ensured that most of these are terrestrial (free-to-air) channels, with many of these also showing matches via their online platforms. Although access to online coverage is free, you do need an IP address for the country’s coverage you wish to access.

So if you are in Spain and want English coverage, all you need to do is buy a VPN (cost around $5) and get a UK IP address to access the coverage. Use Harrah’s Casino Online Promotion Code for the chance to win the funds to purchase a VPN.

Similar services are available with Fox (USA), ARD & ZDF (Germany) and SBS (Australia). If you wanted American coverage but are located in another part of the world, you need to buy a VPN and get a US IP address to access Fox just like a person would do from inside the States.

Video assistant referee (VAR) technology

VAR will be used at the World Cup after the International Football Association Board (IFAB), which sets the game’s laws, unanimously approved the use of the technology in matches on a permanent basis.

The system operates on a three-step process of incident, review/advice, decision, and across the four areas of football deemed ‘game-changing’ by FIFA.

VAR is only to be used ‘to correct clear errors and for missed serious incidents’ in those ‘match-changing’ situations. The incidents that can be reviewed are in relation to validity of goals, penalties, direct red cards or mistaken identity for cautions or dismissals.

VARs and other match officials are able to recommend reviews, but the only person who can initiate one is the referee, who will then have the final say on whether their original decision should stand or be changed. They have the option to review footage themselves on a pitch-side monitor before making a final decision.

FIFA’s decision to use VAR at the World Cup is a major sign that the people charged with running football believe the system is here to stay despite it being criticised by many pundits.