All The Best Gadgets For Getting Fit

November 23, 2022


Keeping fit and active has benefits that far outweigh just physical health and wellbeing.

Fitness has been proven to improve mental health and emotional wellbeing and is great antidote to everything from anxiety to lethargy.

But while this isn’t news to most of us, many of us continue to battle to make time for exercise as part of a busy everyday schedule. Lucky for us, there are loads of excellent fitness gadgets that will have us moving in no time at all.

Below are our top picks.

VR Gyms

Gym equipment can be pricey and most take up quite a bit of space.

Instead, try getting your cardio groove on with the help of a VR (Virtual Reality) gym. These can be a fun and mentally immersive way to work up a sweat.

VR gyms are also a great alternative for those who are new to fitness and the world of public workouts. They allow you to try new exercises in the privacy and safety of your own home.

Smart Watches

For those who tend to be glued to their smartphones for everything from online casino South Africa entertainment to work emails and social media, a smart watch is the perfect piece of kit for getting fit and moving.

Smart watches are great for those who enjoy keeping track of their fitness progress. They even allow you to set specific goals based on where you are in your fitness journey.

Many come readily kitted out with heart rate monitors. These ensure that you’re working out at precisely the right intensity level based on your current level. Cardio fitness has never been easier.

Most smart watches will connect effortlessly with your smartphone, which will allow you to make use of several apps to each your workout goals and determine just how many calories you’re burning during a session or day.

3D Treadmills

Many people quit exercise for the simple reason that they find it boring.

For anybody in need of a high-tech gym experience, a 3D treadmill is the perfect fitness companion.

Exercising indoors comes with many incredible benefits, including overcoming injury, avoiding distraction, and ease of access. When used correctly, you’ll soon transform your 3D treadmill into the perfect workout companion. Not only are they just about the best kit for a cardio workout, but they can even be used to condition strength and build muscle.

Activity Wristbands

As far as activity wristbands go, it’s hard to beat Fitbit’s Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband.

It will help you track your heart rate, active minutes on the move, the number of calories burned, and your daily steps.

This crafty gadget will sync effortlessly with most smartphones and will help you track your real-time fitness data in no time at all. For those looking for a more effective cardio workout, and especially when wanting to lose some weight, the Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband is an investment in your health that cannot be beat.

Sleep Trackers

Anybody even vaguely aware of how their bodies function will tell you about the value of enough good-quality sleep.

The Jawbone UP24 Wireless Activity and Sleep Tracker is the perfect gadget for those interested in a holistic and comprehensive fitness buddy.



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