Best Countries to Travel in summer

Summertime offers plenty of opportunities for tourists from around the globe to explore new places and have fun before school starts back. Where should you go?

Australia/New Zealand

There are lots of reasons why Aussie and Kiwi visitors to Canada flock to our country every year while playing USA casino online games. First off, they come here because we’re close to them and it saves money on airfare. Second, we have great weather! But perhaps the biggest reason is that there simply isn’t anywhere like it. From the outback to the islands, Aussies and Kiwis flock to Canada to experience what we have to offer.

United Kingdom

Despite its recent political turmoil, the UK remains one of the favorite countries for tourists from all around the world. With England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Cornwall, and even Dubai getting their fair share of British travelers, there’s no shortage of things to visit here.

Northern Africa

Looking out for unique experiences, and nowhere else meets that need quite like Morocco. It’s full of culture, tradition, and some of the most incredible landscapes and scenery across the continent.

Asia & Pacific Islands

Asia has so many different cultures, ancient traditions, and spectacular sights, it would take years to see everything. But if we had to pick one place, Japan is probably the clear choice when it comes to value for budget travelers.

South America

This part of the world is home to some truly mind-blowing sights such as Machu Picchu or Rio de Janeiro. And let’s not forget about Argentina either.

Global Destinations

Finally, we get to the real elephant in the room – global destinations. These are the big ones, often visited by Canadians traveling abroad. In many cases these are the best options available for tourists as well, meaning that the experience will be similar all over. Places like New York City, London, Paris, Tokyo, Istanbul, and Sydney will give you a sense of both the locals and the local culture.


Traveling to places of interest makes your holiday fun and enjoyable. The above are some of the best countries that you can enjoy visiting in summer. Moreover, to amplify your holiday, you can safe online gambling sites Australia games during your time of relaxation.



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