4 Gardening Gadgets to Make Life Easier

May 14, 2018

Gardening has changed a lot over the last few years, as technology has overtaken the basic gardening tools. Where once there was a modest watering can, today, a modern sensor tells you when to water your plants.

For anyone who doesn’t have much of a green finger but wants to have at least some success in the garden and not look like a complete failure, please read on. These four gardening gadgets will be a lifesaver.

Robot Mower

While a mower won’t make your gardening more successful in a direct way, it takes care of the lawn, so you can tend to everything else. You might not think that will save you much time, but someone calculated that Americans with a lawn mower lose over 65 hours a year just mowing the lawn!

The Worx Landroid is a sleek model that looks more like a mini vacuum cleaner than it does a lawnmower. It’s one of the budget models out there. At the other end of the scale is the Husqvarna Automower, which looks more like a sleek Lotus motor car with all the bells and whistles too.

Water Sprinkler Control

The Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller and Flow Meter is an interesting way to get more efficient with lawn and plant watering. The unit connects to the internet to pull in local forecasts about the rainfall. It uses this information, along with a record of previous watering sessions, to provide the appropriate amount of water that’s needed.

By using a system like Rachio, it’s possible to cut your water bill considerably. Because of this, the cost of the unit is covered over time through the reduced cost of water from your local water utility. Find more gardening facts that ultimately save you money by visiting Lovebackyard.com.

Hanging Hydroponic Farm

If you want to go all NASA, then become an indoor grower by using a hydroponic farm like the space agency has used before. Herbert – as he’s affectionately known – is currently in the production stage for budding gardeners who want to go all ‘hydroponic’.

Plants sit with their roots in a biodegradable foam. The plants grow out of containers fitted to the side of a wall or wooden gate. This provides ideal conditions for strawberries, herbs, and other tasty treats. Expect to produce a bumper crop ahead of other growth methods.

The Herbert project started as an IndieGoGo project with delivery for people who’ve already ordered expected before summer 2018.

Thirsty Plants and Vegetables

There are several gadgets that offer similar sensor functionality to help your plants. We like PlantLink (helloplant makes a good second choice). It comes with a battery that’ll last a full year and accesses your smartphone from a distance over 250 feet too. This affordable gardening device is pushed into the soil and measures the moisture level. There’s a smartphone app to select your plant species, which helps the app inform you correctly when the plant is thirsty again.

Using technology in different ways to optimize your gardening experience is fun even for people who aren’t that tech-savvy. Take the plunge and enjoy tending to your garden far more.


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