4 Ideas for a Fun Kids Party at Home

January 5, 2021

If you are looking to throw your child a truly awesome birthday party, then you can’t go far wrong organizing something yourself at home!

Think about it. At home there is no cost per head, and if you ask the parents of the other children you will be able to get more than enough help to set up (and clean up) a truly memorable party that has been exactly tailored to your child’s favourite things.

To make a party truly magical, it’s really effective to pick a theme and let it inform your choices of decorations, clothing, food and games. Read on for some inspiration …

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland is a fantastic theme for a party because the story is so wacky and fun, almost any part of it will make a fun party feature!

When you’re thinking about your party you have a lot of options, you can take your inspiration from the original book, from the Disney movie or from the later Tim Burton movies. Or you could even go for a combination of all three.

The Mad Hatter’s tea party is a great setting for a kids party, with lots of food and party games. Or you could take inspiration from the court of the Queen of Hearts and have a giant game of chess!

Party planner Matt James has some wonderful suggestions for three dimensional invitations, costumes and suggestions for food and drinks. It’s the little touches that really make a theme come to life!


Kids and adults alike love dinosaurs! If you want to have a roar-some time (sorry) then dinosaurs are a great theme option.

As with any theme party, it’s the little touches that can really make your party special. Some ideas that could work well for your dinosaur related party are:

  • Instead of party hats, create some DIY dinosaur headbands! You could do this yourself before the party, or use making the headbands as one of your activities.
  • Fill a large bowl with sand (or use a sandpit if the weather is good) and hide ‘fossils’ in it. Let the children play archaeologist and dig them up.
  • Decorate your table with plants and toy dinosaurs, so that you feel as though you’re eating in a prehistoric jungle.
  • Dinosaur shaped cookies and dinosaur cupcake toppers.

Unicorn-themed party

If your child loves unicorns then you’ll be onto a winner with this idea!

Think sparkly, colourful decorations, combined with party games like pin the tail on the unicorn and crafting unicorn horns.

The kids can design their own unicorn outfits to wear, check out www.findingunicorns.com.au for some great ideas.

And finally, for your food make use of rainbow skittles and see if you can bake a unicorn cake!

Under the sea

Under the sea parties give you so much opportunity for creativity!

Deck out your house so that it looks like an undersea grotto using lots of sparkly blue and green streamers, and create seaweed to hang off of the furniture.

There’s a lot of fun to be had with fancy dress for an undersea party, whether you choose to dress as merpeople, fish, crabs or big scary sharks! If you need birthday banners or posters made for your themed kids party Americansigncompany.com has you covered.  


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