Becoming a Better Neighbor: 7 Top Tips

November 16, 2021

Some people say being neighborly is a thing of the past, but that isn’t true. Even if you don’t leave your front door open throughout the day like your grandma used to, there are still ways to be a great neighbor. So, whether you are a new member of the neighborhood or you just want to get to know your neighbors a little better, use these top tips.

1: Introduce Yourself

The first step for being a better neighbor is simple – introduce yourself. When you move to a new area, or a new family moves into a house nearby, make an effort to call at their house. You could even go a step further and bring them cookies! This initial greeting will help cultivate better relationships with your neighbors.

2: Volunteer Locally

If you want to help your neighbors in need, a great way to do so is by volunteering locally. There are plenty of local charities to choose from, so you can spend your time doing something truly benevolent. The American Red Cross has opportunities for volunteer work to help your local community, so look into their positions and put your skills to good use.

3: Avoid Being Loud

Nobody likes a noisy neighbor. Playing music midday on a Saturday is fine, but having your TV at full volume or throwing loud parties every weekend isn’t fair on the people who live close to you. Keep it down, and your neighbors will surely appreciate it!

4: Lend a Hand

Everybody needs an extra hand from time to time. Whether your neighbor is grieving and could use some home-cooked meals, or someone is moving in and could use your strength to lift some boxes, be sure to lend a hand whenever you can. They will likely offer you the same in return in the future.

5: Send Holiday Cards

Holiday cards are a great way of showing your neighbors that you are thinking of them, so send some over during Christmas or even birthdays if you know their birthdate. If you have neighbors of a different culture to you, look into what holidays they celebrate and send them cards/gifts for that occasion.

6: Notify Neighbors Before a Party

It’s unreasonable for any neighbor to expect zero parties, but it’s also unfair to throw a party without warning them – especially if you expect it to go on late. Even after warning them, though, you should still aim to keep it down after hours and to limit the number of loud, late-night get-togethers you throw.

7: Keep it Clean

You might believe it’s just yourself that’s affected by your untidy house or garden, but that is not true. Too much mess is unsightly for all around, especially if your outdoor space is unkempt. You don’t need a manicured lawn or a beautiful bed of roses to keep your neighbors happy, but you should keep your home as clean as possible for the benefit of the entire neighborhood.


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