How to Prepare for Your Stag Weekend

April 28, 2020

There will be plenty of tedious tasks to complete in the run-up to your wedding day, such as attending tux fittings, selecting rings, and booking vendors. A stag weekend will, however, provide an opportunity to have some fun and forget about all the stresses of planning your big day.

However, it is important you are ready for an epic few days away with your friends, or you could make some big mistakes that could blight the experience. Unsure where to start? Continue reading to find out how to prepare for your stag weekend.

Confirm Guests

While your best man will not want to reveal one aspect of your stag weekend, it is essential to confirm who will be attending. If you fail to do so, he could forget to invite important people in your life, such as your brother, father-in-law, or friends from work. Not only could this ruin your experience, but it could also upset those closest to you. So, don’t forget to confirm the guest list to ensure you don’t anger any friends or family members.

Know What to Pack

Again, your best man might want to keep his plans for the stag weekend close to his chest, but you will need to know what to pack. For instance, if the group will enjoy a meal before a night of drinking, you might need to pack a smart shirt and a pair of trousers in your suitcase. So, ask your best man for tips on the items you should add to your luggage.

Prevent a Hangover

A hangover could make you want to jump in the car or head on the first flight home. Rather than skipping activities during a weekend due to a banging headache or churning tummy, you should look for ways to prevent a hangover.

While ibuprofen and water might help a little, they might not be enough to make you feel healthy and energetic. To eradicate nausea, headaches, and fatigue, you should consider booking an IV bag from, as it can restore essential nutrients and rehydrate your body after a heavy night of drinking alcohol.

Check Your Passport

If you’re planning to travel abroad for a stag weekend, you should not forget to check your passport before you fly. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to the likes of Amsterdam, Riga, or Ibiza for a couple of days, you’ll need to ensure your passport has at least six months remaining, or you will be unable to travel to your destination. It is crucial to check your passport a few months in advance, so you will have plenty of time to receive an updated version before your big weekend away.

Set a Budget

Let’s face it; a wedding will cost a happy couple a substantial amount of money. For this reason, you might not have much cash to splash during your stag weekend. While your best man might believe you deserve a relaxing break away, it should not come at the cost of your finances. To complete every activity, you must set a budget for your stag, which will also ensure your friends and family members aren’t forced to enter debt to attend.

So, if you are planning a fun stag weekend away, you should bear the above tips in mind to feel 100% prepared for the experience.


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