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Healthy Or Harmful? 5 Signs You May Have An Online Shopping Addiction

February 8, 2021

More people are shopping online than ever before after the outbreak of COVID-19. Almost double the number of Americans bought their groceries on the net in 2020 compared to 2018. There are some clear benefits, including social distancing, saving time and money, and having access to a broader array of products. However, statistics show that around 5-8% of people cross the line from using online shopping as a convenient service to pathological or compulsive buying. How do you know if you have an online shopping addiction? Here are five warning signs:

Buying Things you don’t Need

Do you find yourself compelled to buy cookware sets online even though your cupboards are overflowing with barely-used pots and pans? Have you got a habit of buying a new dress, despite the fact that you have a similar one in the cupboard that is brand new with tags?

Buying more than you can afford, buying more than you require, and buying things you don’t need at all are three red flags for compulsive buying. While many of us indulge in the odd non-essential item, if you are making this a regular habit, you may have a problem with online shopping.

Turning to Online Shopping When You are Stressed or Down

When your emotional well-being is tied to something like online shopping, you may start to find it difficult to enjoy life outside of shopping. You may get anxious at the idea of missing a sale, feel grumpy if you can’t access the online sites you want, and experience guilt once you have made a purchase.

Experts have linked compulsive buying to depression and anxiety, with people turning to online stores to boost their mood. It is not healthy to use shopping as a coping mechanism. Instead, acknowledge the problem and seek assistance from a mental health professional who specializes in these sorts of habits.

Letting Online Shopping Damage your Relationships

Money is one of the most common triggers for tension in relationships. Couples often argue about their spending habits and areas of priority. While a disagreement here or there is standard in any relationship, if you prioritize shopping over a harmonious relationship with your loved ones, it could indicate that you have an addiction. Likewise, if you are regularly giving up time with your loved ones to bid on eBay items, you may need to re-evaluate the role of shopping in your life.

Hiding Things You Buy

Some people who pathologically buy things online will start to feel so guilty or ashamed of their online shopping that they hide their purchases from their friends or family. This habit is a sign of concern. Similarly, if you have a “secret” credit card, this is another sign that you are in dangerous territory.

Not being able to Stop

Does the idea of giving up shopping for a month make you feel stressed or anxious? Psychologists define addiction as a compulsive habit that can be socially, psychologically, or physically harmful. If your shopping is negatively impacting your life in some way but you don’t think you can stop, it may be worth seeking help from a therapist.

An extreme preoccupation with shopping and craving to shop can lead to hoarding, financial difficulties, and relationship break-downs. Don’t let online shopping rule your life. If you are worried that you have an addiction, you can take action immediately by unsubscribing from all shopping-related emails. It may also be wise to cut up your credit cards and block shopping websites from your phone and computer. Alternatively, book in with an expert for some cognitive behavioral therapy.

How the News Affects the Stock Market

January 18, 2021

Some people make money through over the counter securities, but sometimes the news affects the stock market, and it can be difficult to know why or how the news will do so. This is just as important for investing in a bigger business as business loans without security are to smaller ones, and this is because the news sometimes sends the markets tumbling or skyrocketing.

The news that changes stock prices mean that most ways to invest in a business are not without some risk. The news affects the stock market in many ways, including war, price fluctuations due to danger the security faces, government investment, foreign direct investment, and price changes due to other government action, like taxation changes.

Someone involved in the stock market needs to know about a price target. This is the price that is to be valued relative to historical earnings. A price target might take a tumble because of issues like war. People often find stock investments intimidating. War affects securities because sometimes the actual asset involved in the security suffers damage or loss during the conflict. This means that some assets never make it and do not produce money for their company again. This makes the price of all the assets at such a company suffer as a result.

Another way conflict and crime change stock prices is because sometimes the security needs security to guard it. Prices escalate when goods need to cross areas of the world that are under governed. This result is due to the risk people and goods face when trying to navigate or perform under duress. War and security issues change the price of stocks all the time and knowing why makes a substantial difference in selecting the right security to buy.

The government sometimes makes a splash in the outcomes of some stocks. The government invests a lot of money in parts of the country all the time. This means that sometimes an asset will gain from government investment. If a security is at work somewhere common for the government to aid, then it is possible that there will be a financial boon for the company, like a construction company that secures a government contract.

Foreign direct investment is another way that government news can change the outcome of a stock. Some countries buy and sell assets at enormous scale all the time. When this happens, the windfall can be huge. If someplace like England wants to buy goods, many people will make millions selling to them. The government makes a lot of news that affects the securities trade without even blinking.

The issues of taxation affect the security trade in opposite ways when taxes raise and lower. Raised taxes increase the price of a security by making a charge on the asset the security stands for. When business taxes rise, so does the cost of doing business, which the business often passes on to both the consumer and the investor. This means increased prices and increased investment cost both consumer and investor because the government is taking a wedge of money out of the amount the asset makes.

When taxes shrink, this wedge shrinks too. This means that more money is available to pass onto consumers and investors. This also means that the prices of stocks will go up because there is a left-over pile of liquidity that the company can invest with, often by adding value to the other assets that the company has.

All this information can be helpful when starting to make decisions about trading securities. Learning how the news can affect the stock market helps people make sounder investment decisions. This means that approaching investing for what may be the first time becomes safer. Also, people need to know this information to keep their investing safe around world events.

World events affect the stock market in many ways, principally stocks become riskier around the instability of war and crime, stocks become safer when governments invest at home and abroad, and the issues of taxation affect the stock market dramatically both ways. The connection between the news and the stock market may rattle the unwary, but it is still possible to make sound income investing.

Spotting an Eating Disorder: 6 Subtle Signs

January 8, 2021

There is a societal misconception that everyone who has an eating disorder will either lose a lot of weight, gain a lot of weight and/or refuse to eat, make themselves sick after meals, or binge on foods. In reality, eating disorders are much more complex, and the impact on a person’s health is not always visible or obvious. Eating disorders tend to worsen gradually over time, and the early signs can be easily missed or dismissed as unimportant. If you are concerned that a friend or family member may be struggling with an eating disorder, here are six subtle signs to look out for.

  • Talking about food excessively

In some cases, people can become obsessed with food and cooking in response to a period of restriction or starvation. They may want to cook more but choose to give others food and refuse to consume it themselves. This is particularly relevant if they have never had much of an interest in food or cooking before. Other people may learn a lot about nutrition and become obsessed about eliminating certain food groups such as carbohydrates or adopting a gluten-free diet (with no medical reason to do so).

  • Sticking to a strict eating routine

Eating disorders can lead people to become compulsive in their eating habits, e.g., they will only eat at certain times of day, eat the same foods repeatedly (as they know their calorific value), or will only eat using particular utensils, plates, and bowls. They may also have to eat their meals in a specific way, e.g., vegetables before carbohydrates, or always cutting their food in small pieces. They may become upset or irritated if circumstances prevent them from sticking to their routine.

  • Reluctance to eat in front of others

When a person consistently makes excuses as to why they do not want to eat when around others, it could be a sign of an eating disorder. They may feel self-conscious about their appearance, concerned about being ‘judged’ for the food they eat or may be trying to hide an eating disorder like anorexia, bulimia, or binge eating disorder. For more information about binge eating disorder and possible treatment programs, visit

  • Severe mood swings

The food we eat directly impacts our physical and mental health, and poor nutrition can be a contributing factor to mood swings, depression, anxiety, and stress due to hormonal imbalances. Becoming withdrawn and avoiding social occasions could also be an indicator of anxiety and/or depression which could be related to their eating disorder.

  • Excessive use of condiments

Some people may begin to choose low calorie, bland foods, but cover them with condiments which add flavor but are also low in calories, and some might cover food with a sauce they do not like to deter themselves from eating.

  • Wearing ill-fitting clothing

Eating disorders are usually intertwined with a distorted body image and poor self-care. This might become noticeable when a person wears clothes which are too big for them or keeps clothes which are too small with the intention of fitting into them again. Some people with anorexia who have lost a lot of body fat are likely to feel cold temperatures more severely, and wear lots of layers to keep warm.


4 Ideas for a Fun Kids Party at Home

January 5, 2021

If you are looking to throw your child a truly awesome birthday party, then you can’t go far wrong organizing something yourself at home!

Think about it. At home there is no cost per head, and if you ask the parents of the other children you will be able to get more than enough help to set up (and clean up) a truly memorable party that has been exactly tailored to your child’s favourite things.

To make a party truly magical, it’s really effective to pick a theme and let it inform your choices of decorations, clothing, food and games. Read on for some inspiration …

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland is a fantastic theme for a party because the story is so wacky and fun, almost any part of it will make a fun party feature!

When you’re thinking about your party you have a lot of options, you can take your inspiration from the original book, from the Disney movie or from the later Tim Burton movies. Or you could even go for a combination of all three.

The Mad Hatter’s tea party is a great setting for a kids party, with lots of food and party games. Or you could take inspiration from the court of the Queen of Hearts and have a giant game of chess!

Party planner Matt James has some wonderful suggestions for three dimensional invitations, costumes and suggestions for food and drinks. It’s the little touches that really make a theme come to life!


Kids and adults alike love dinosaurs! If you want to have a roar-some time (sorry) then dinosaurs are a great theme option.

As with any theme party, it’s the little touches that can really make your party special. Some ideas that could work well for your dinosaur related party are:

  • Instead of party hats, create some DIY dinosaur headbands! You could do this yourself before the party, or use making the headbands as one of your activities.
  • Fill a large bowl with sand (or use a sandpit if the weather is good) and hide ‘fossils’ in it. Let the children play archaeologist and dig them up.
  • Decorate your table with plants and toy dinosaurs, so that you feel as though you’re eating in a prehistoric jungle.
  • Dinosaur shaped cookies and dinosaur cupcake toppers.

Unicorn-themed party

If your child loves unicorns then you’ll be onto a winner with this idea!

Think sparkly, colourful decorations, combined with party games like pin the tail on the unicorn and crafting unicorn horns.

The kids can design their own unicorn outfits to wear, check out for some great ideas.

And finally, for your food make use of rainbow skittles and see if you can bake a unicorn cake!

Under the sea

Under the sea parties give you so much opportunity for creativity!

Deck out your house so that it looks like an undersea grotto using lots of sparkly blue and green streamers, and create seaweed to hang off of the furniture.

There’s a lot of fun to be had with fancy dress for an undersea party, whether you choose to dress as merpeople, fish, crabs or big scary sharks! If you need birthday banners or posters made for your themed kids party has you covered.  

Reasons to Love What You Do

It is a common misconception that those who work for a living invariably hate their jobs. While it is true that it is not many people who love what they do, these workers have proven themselves time and again to be more dependable and harder working than others. When you genuinely enjoy the process which takes up a lot of your time, there are benefits such as increased enthusiasm and job satisfaction. Keep reading for the full list of reasons why pursuing your dreams can help you reach your business goals.

1. You Will Think Better On Your Feet

Being passionate about your job will make you strive to be better, always coming up with creative solutions to issues that pop up. Use this creativity to find and invest in the best tax free investments. This will really be a beneficial trait at any point in your career. If you are enamored of your industry, you will be curious and always look for reasons and new developments that can improve your output. You will be better equipped to deal with any snags that you might stumble upon. This is the secret to loving and truly comprehending your business.

2. You Will Get More Work Done

Just as you will be inspired to learn all you can about your career, you will become extremely motivated and become imbued with the drive to be better than you were before. If you do not love what you do, your performance will be lackluster and lack passion. Loving your career can put you in a better place mentally and emotionally. This, in turn, will make you more productive and will give you more free time to spend on your hobbies. You will be inspired to learn about every aspect of the industry, which will make it simpler for you to attain excellence.

3. You Will Be the Inspiration for Others

Whether it is turning a hobby into a career or pursuing a subject about which you are passionate, the sad fact is that many people are too fearful to go after what they really want. When you show yourself capable of that risky behavior, you can be the inspiration for people just like you. As a person who greets work every day, you can inspire those close to you and those who are impressionable. You can demonstrate how to take risks and have them pay off.

4. You Will Be Internally Motivated

Different people have different motivations for why they pursue their careers. A lot of that motivation is outward, be it a roof over their heads or food on the table. These are incredibly important factors for going to work, but the more rewarding is the internal motivation that you will get from a day’s good work at something you are passionate about. Studies have shown that when workers are internally motivated by good energy, they are more productive and have better job satisfaction.

5. A Balance Between Work and Life Will Be Easier to Maintain

We all know the importance of keeping a good work-life balance. Being able to work productively and still have time for the things which bring us joy is crucial to avoiding burnout and living life to its fullest. Not only will it be easy to devote time to all the things you are fond of but you will take delight in every aspect of your day. Having more time to do the things you love can also help you look at work in a better way.

It is cliché to think that everyone hates their careers. In fact, many people love and are passionate about the industry that they are in. Finding something about your job to love will make you more curious about it, seeking out new information and coming up with new things to do. When you excel at something you love, you might just inspire some new people to be the best that they can be. Finally, if you love your career, every day will be happier than the last.


4 Lifestyle Factors that Can Contribute Towards Depression

October 2, 2020

Depression is a very common problem, and at one point or another, many people may suffer from it. While a lot of depression can be the result of dealing with difficult circumstances, such as the death of a loved one, financial worries, or being unhappy in their job, others might not be able to pin-point what exactly is causing them to feel so low.

While it can be a very complicated issue to navigate, it’s important to recognize that certain lifestyle factors can be contributing to depressive states of mind. Here are 4 things to look out for if you’ve been struggling with depression that you might be able to change for the better.

Diet and Lack of Exercise

This might seem like something that is linked more closely with physical health rather than your mental well-being, but your diet and exercise routines can have a direct effect on your state of mind. If you tend to eat a lot of junk food or meals that lack the correct nutrition, this can make you feel tired and unmotivated. Additionally, little to no exercise is another thing that could be impacting your mood. It’s always recommended that you try and engage in some moderate exercise if you are feeling depressed, as this will release more endorphins and naturally boost your mood.

High-Stress Environments

Stress can be very dangerous to your mental and physical health if it is left unchecked. High-pressure jobs, or even academic pressures for children and teenagers, can lead to depression. If you notice that your teenager appears depressed, consider whether they could be struggling at school, or if things are happening at home that could be causing issues.

Tumultuous home life is detrimental to both the children in the house and the adults, and this must be addressed. If you are worried about your children’s well-being due to issues at home or school, consider residential treatment centers for depression. They can provide excellent care and support to help your child through this difficult period.

Bad Sleeping Pattern

A lack of sleep is another big contributor to depression. If you’re not getting enough rest each day, this not only puts a strain on your body but also your mind. You might find you’re having mood swings due to exhaustion or struggling to remember things or process information. This will increase your feelings of stress, and this kind of frustration can quickly turn into depression.

Cluttered/Dirty Living Space

Your living environment has a huge impact on your well-being, and usually living in clutter or an unclean home can make an individual feel unhappy or stressed. Consider how you feel when you’re relaxing at home in a clean and tidy space, compared to when it’s messy. Does the former feel better? For most people, the answer is ‘yes’. Make sure you’re keeping on top of household chores and de-clutter your home to help you feel calmer and happier.

Many things can contribute to depression, a lot of them being very complex. However, sometimes simple lifestyle changes can help to lift your spirits, so consider the points above and whether they relate to you.


6 Activities to Enjoy with the Girls

October 2, 2020

If you have managed to escape the kids and your partner for an evening or a weekend, and want to spend some quality time with the girls, it can be difficult to come up with original and exciting ideas to keep your friendship thriving. This article details some of the best activities that you can enjoy as a group that will prevent you from complaining of boredom.

Online Casinos and Gaming

If you are looking for an alternative to a night out or are simply looking for a way to inject excitement back into your friendship, then you should consider playing online casinos and games with your best friends. While board games can be a great way to pass a winter evening, online casinos and gaming are an exciting option that can allow you to win real money- without spending any in the first place. will enable you to find the best no deposit casinos across the internet, ensuring that you can get the best deals possible for you and your friends.

Spa Days and Pamper Evenings

It can be hard to focus on yourself when you are juggling the responsibilities of a partner and kids, and so what better time to get some much-deserved pampering than with your girls? Spa days are a traditional option for girls’ getaways that can help you to unwind and put number one first, while pamper evenings are a cheap alternative if your monthly expenses are beginning to take their toll.

Clothes and Home Ware Swaps

When you have kids, there is always an endless amount of used clothing and ornaments scattered around the house that you simply do not use anymore. Rather than leaving these to go to waste, you should consider holding a clothes and homeware swap with your best friends that can allow you all to come away with something new, while also getting rid of everything that has started to clutter your home.

Go on a Girls Trip or Weekend Away

If you want to get away from normal life for a while, then why not consider booking a girls trip or weekend away to a bucket-list destination, even if this is within your own country? This can help you to spend some much-needed time with your long-term friends, which can be even more special if families and jobs keep getting in the way of your friendship. You may also consider looking to visit local attractions and events if you do not have the time to take days off work.

Host a Sleepover

Who said that sleepovers were only for kids? Sleepovers are the new house parties and can help you to spend that little bit of extra time with your loved ones. Whether you just want to share gossip, or whether you both want to drink without any worries about driving home, sleepovers can be a great time to crack out your favorite movies, anecdotes, and dinner recipes to make memories that you will treasure.

Become Exercise Buddies

Exercise may not be the first activity that enters your mind when you want to spend time with friends. However, becoming exercise buddies is a great way to encourage each other to meet your fitness goals, while enjoying each other’s company regularly.


5 Most Popular Classic Casino Games for Beginners

September 10, 2020

If you’re new to the online gambling scene, you’ll soon discover that there are hundreds, if not thousands of fun and entertaining games to choose from. Some of the classic games aren’t games of ability but rather games of luck and rely solely on ‘luck of the draw.’ There are also games that involve a certain level of strategy.


Once you have found the best online casino, you can select a handful of popular games that will help you familiarise yourself with the casino scene. Here are a few of the most popular, classic games to get you started in reaping the most rewards.


Blackjack is probably the most common casino game because of its simplicity. With its simple rules, it’s a game you can learn in a very short time. The primary principle of blackjack is to get your hand as near to 21 as possible.

Blackjack offers you the advantage of playing against the dealer only, and as long as you don’t go over 21, your chances of winning are pretty good because this game favours the player! When played properly, Blackjack can be very entertaining.


Roulette, like Blackjack, is very popular because it’s really easy to play. A ball dropped into a spinning wheel ends up in a numbered, slotted compartment. You place your bet before the wheel is spun and if the ball lands on the number you guessed, your bet wins.

Like Blackjack, you can choose to have a simple bet or you could spice it up by choosing red or black, specific groups of numbers, as well as odd or even numbers. Increasing your options could increase your chances of winning.


brown and silver round analog clock

Video Poker

If you’ve ever played five card draw at a real casino table, this is a game you’ll enjoy because it’s actually just the electronic version. The only difference is that there are no opponents. You just need to try and generate the best hand that can win. Unlike playing the slots where you’re relying on luck, video poker is all about strategy and skill.

Slot Games

Probably the easiest on the casino game list, slot games rank as the most played by online casino visitors worldwide. It’s as simple as putting your money in and pressing a button. Slots offer an opportunity to win large sums of money without much effort.


If you enjoy dice games, craps is the game for you. You’re basically betting on the roll of the dice. There are different bets you can make in this game, although seasoned craps players suggest sticking to the ones that are simple and direct.

Wheel of Fortune

Based on the entertaining American TV show, Wheel of Fortune remains quite popular with online users. Three different versions give you a bit of variety to choose from.

In Conclusion

Online gambling offers you the opportunity to engage in the joys of gambling anywhere and at any time. These popular, yet simple games are likely to have you winning in no time!

A Guide to Various Shipping Methods And Benefits

September 1, 2020

Online shopping has been in existence way before the Covid-19 pandemic. It is only the IT savvy people who are comfortable with shopping online, especially those from the younger generation. These also includes those from the older generation who were taught to use the online shopping platforms and found the convenience of online shopping.

Since the pandemic started, online stores began to enjoy an increase in the number of customers and their sales began to increase because many stores were forced to close to curb the spread of the virus. Those who have not done online shopping were left with no choice but forced to turn to online shopping for convenience during the pandemic. Many are beginning to enjoy the ability to shop in comfort without leaving the safety of their home.


With more stores opening up to online facility for their customers, these stores are competing among themselves by offering more varied shipping options to attract more customers. As their businesses grow, online stores are able to provide better quality services such as better and faster shipping options. In order to stay ahead of their competitors and enjoy more return customers, online stores are coming up with various shipping ideas and popular methods.

The most effective and most popular marketing tool in driving more sales to online shopping sites is the free shipping option. When this option is included, customers are encouraged to make the purchase as they can save on cost of shipping. When this option is not included, customers may just leave without even looking through the products or they may have second thought about making their purchase.

There are multiple ways to offer free shipping, such as limiting free shipping to a specific shipping zone or setting a minimum purchase price to qualify for free shipping of their purchase. In order to avoid lose in profit, merchants can choose not to make free shipping option available for cheap commodities, bulky or heavy items.

Merchants selling in bulk and heavy items prefer to seek the service from shipping companies. And the most convenient way is to get quotes to move pallets from multiple shipping companies. Once they receive the quotes, they can make comparisons between quotes. Pallet shipping is one of the most common methods of packing in freight transport and it is easy to move, load and unload.

Another option is using carriers such as DHL, UPS, or FedEx. The customers get to choose a shipping option and the shipping rates is calculated depending on the shipping distance, weight, size and quantity of products.

Merchants can also provide a flat or fixed rate shipping method to help cover shipping or packaging expenses. Every customer pays the same fixed shipping rate, it doesn’t matter where the destination is, or what size or value of the purchased item. Another shipping method is to charge the customers depending on distance of the location. The further the location, the higher the rate. This will allow the online store to customize the shipping rate to cut down on expenses and help generate income.


Give Your Brain a Workout: The Surprising Mental Benefits of Bingo

August 12, 2020

Most people realize that to keep our bodies in tiptop condition, we need to do regular cardiovascular exercise. But what about our brains?

For many years, scientists and neurologists have promoted regular brain exercise as a way to protect against cognitive disorders in later life. Conditions like Alzheimer’s, dementia and other degenerative cerebral diseases can be slowed — and in many cases prevented — by regularly exercising our brains.

This ‘exercise’ can take many forms with the most common including completing puzzles or challenges, reading, playing music and socializing. Recent studies have also shown the positive effects of gaming on the brain — in particular, the game of bingo.

The basics of bingo

In essence, bingo is a relatively simple game with players matching randomly drawn numbers to those featured on a game card. It sounds (and is), very simple to play but recent research is showing there’s a lot more going on under the surface than people previously thought. Bingo provides our brains with a much more challenging mental workout than simple number matching.

Recognizing patterns against the clock

A standard bingo card is arranged into three rows with nine columns. Each of these columns represents a number grouping: e.g. column one has numbers 1 to 9; column two has numbers 10 to 19, and column 3 has numbers 20 to 29, and so on.

Even new players quickly pick up on these column groups and begin to identify the general shape and order of their game card. When playing bingo, we instinctively search for number patterns on our card, based on these column rules.

Also, as numbers are called at speed, our brains need to work overtime to keep up with the gameplay while also checking and ticking off numbers on our card. This is especially true for players who favor playing with multiple cards.

Other mental benefits

Bingo has also been proven to have several other beneficial effects on mental skills, including improving concentration and short-term memory, which are both dexterities that tend to get worse with age. It is also perfect for exercising reflexes, improving hand-eye coordination, stimulating cerebral processes and even training longer-term memory functions.

Improved emotional health and social skills

Bingo games tend to be highly social events, where the sense of company is as important as the gameplay. Regular bingo games can be a good way of promoting social contact and maintaining friendships amongst older citizens. A game of bingo if often the highlight of the week for some older people and is typically a fun-filled affair with players laughing and enjoying each other’s company.

Laughing releases endorphins into our bodies, which makes us feel better and gives us a sense of well-being. It has also been proven to have pain-relieving effects, while boosting the immune system and reducing stress.

Most online bingo sites have chat rooms bundled alongside the main games rooms where members can freely talk with each other. These social connections become especially important as we age and seniors who report having an active social life are at far lower risk of loneliness or depression. Being socially active promotes more robust immune systems, lowers blood pressure and typically leads to a better and happier life.

The hidden benefits of bingo are only slowly being discovered, but it seems there’s a lot more involved under the surface of this seemingly simple game than anyone previously realized.


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