Thinking Big: 5 Advantages of Working with a Global Team

There’s no denying the power of teamwork in the workplace. It can lead to more opportunities for growth, less burnout, and an expansion of perspectives that can truly set your business apart.

Thanks to the rise of hybrid work and global teams, you could be looking for offices to rent in Melbourne while hiring talent from the US or anywhere else in the world. If you’re still on the fence about it, here are five ways you could benefit from working with a global team:

Improved Productivity

Everybody knows two heads are better than one. But what if you had more than two heads, and they all thought differently? When you think about it, having workers from different walks of life can be highly beneficial. From brainstorming sessions to product and service development, you will always be drawing from a wealth of diverse experiences and unique ways of doing things.

When working with an international team, chances are there’ll be time zone differences involved. While this may seem like an inconvenience initially, it may be the opposite as it allows team members to work on their own terms, at their own pace. It also means work can never entirely cease on a project as it’s always daytime somewhere for your team.

No Geographical Limits

We live in the age of globalization, which means you can take on new hires from all over the world. When there’s a greater variety of candidates, you’re better positioned to pick suitable ones.

What’s more, recruiting online can save you money, time, and energy through automation and human resource AI tools that enable you to recruit and manage your team remotely and efficiently.

Cultural Exposure

Working with a global team allows you to draw from and learn from different cultures. As you can imagine, that will be exceptionally useful for your business. It means you can better relate to and engage with people of diverse backgrounds. It also means your staff can appreciate diversity in different mentalities and lifestyles.

The cherry on top is that diverse cultural exposure makes it easier to expand your business to other markets, as you’ll likely have someone in your team with local knowledge of the markets you’re considering.

It Teaches Communication

Knowing how to communicate with others is a valuable skill when you’re in business. Given that a global team has people who all speak and connect in different ways, there’s a learning opportunity here that can give your company an edge.

It isn’t just words and gestures that are going to be different. Some cultures find conflict acceptable, while others don’t, for example. Learning the subtleties of communication from other cultures will turn team members into master communicators, which can only be good for business.

Fewer Headaches

Sourcing talent from one area can be problematic for various reasons. You can find yourself with workers who are too social with each other or, on the flip side, a team rife with conflicts, scandals, and distractions.

Of course, there are plenty of ways to mitigate such problems with local employees. However, international teams tend to naturally avoid falling into the abovementioned patterns, particularly if you practice excellent communication.

Building a global team isn’t as complicated as you may think. You can tackle it head-on, going global from the get-go, or start small with a hybrid model before going fully virtual. Whatever option you choose, working with team members from all over the world can broaden your horizons and allow you to compete on the international stage.



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