Main Event – 5 Secrets To Holding The Perfect Corporate Event

Holding an extraordinary corporate event promotes your company and provides an exciting opportunity for business owners and professionals to mingle and make connections. But how do you cultivate the perfect environment for success?


Here are five secrets to holding the perfect corporate event:

Get Your Branding Right

Your corporate branding needs to be bold and beautiful so everybody at the event knows who you are. With social media, you can reach even further than the confines of the venue with the use of high-quality banners. Products like media wall banners will allow all of your guests to have their photos taken in front of it, providing beautiful, shareable content for them and your company on the day and long after the event has ended, especially if you promote an event hashtag effectively.

2. Make Your Email Invites Eye-Catching

Statistics tell us that 91% of people check their email every day, and most importantly, 78% of event creators list email marketing as their most effective marketing tool, accounting for nearly 50% of overall sales. Be sure to make the most of the knowledge you’ve gained from this research by including an incredible subject line to get your emails opened. Inside, use catchy copy and talk up any special offers and additional benefits to lead recipients to book or enquire. Don’t forget to follow up emails with a second wave of event marketing to hoover up anyone who just needs a swift reminder to buy their tickets.

3. Partner With Other Business

Your event may require catering, entertainment, management, security, and plenty of other elements. A carefully planned out budget will ensure that all of those things are booked, but you could likely save money by partnering with companies who want a place at your event. B2B events generate over $1.07 trillion in spending annually, and there are plenty of businesses who will want a piece of that action. All you need to do is ensure you pitch the partnership properly, making the benefits so clear the offer can’t be refused.

4. Pick Your Time And Place Carefully

Studies tell us that, on average, every company in America organizes at least 20 events or meetings a year, and the amount of events they are organizing is increasing by about 20% annually. This is fantastic for business culture, but it does also mean you have a high chance of clashing with a competitor’s event and losing potential attendees in the process. This can be especially problematic if speakers who will draw guests’ attention are booked up. Get up close and personal with the biggest events in your industry and when they are likely to be held so that you can organize yours at a time most people will be able to attend.

5. Track What Works And What Doesn’t

Use analytics to track the success of your event so that you can future-proof the next one you hold. Keeping a close eye on factors like email campaigns, social media campaigns, signage, and offline link-building will boost focus. In addition, analyzing their effectiveness is highly beneficial to your business event, both now and in the future, identifying weak points, unnecessary spending, and areas to capitalize on next time.

By following these five tips, and truly keeping your eye on all aspects of your event, you will reap plenty of rewards from your efforts. With fantastic branding, analytics, timing, partnering, and marketing, your corporate event is sure to be a success.



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