Ryan Hoggan On How You Can Build A Business Around Cryptocurrency

We live in a digital era where new technologies emerge regularly all over the world. Similarly, after the meteoric rise of the first digital currency (i.e, bitcoin), the majority of people began to discuss cryptocurrencies.

It exploded in popularity across various digital sectors. It is only reasonable to build your business around cryptocurrency.

You are probably wondering how to do this. According to Ryan Hoggan, there are several ways and avenues to achieve this.

Ryan Hoggan who is an entrepreneur, corporate leader, and venture capitalist with many years of experience gives us ways on how you can position your business in around the cryptocurrency field:

1. Cryptocurrency exchange: One of the best cryptocurrency businesses is to start your crypto exchange platform. A cryptocurrency exchange is a website where you can purchase and sell a variety of cryptocurrencies safely and conveniently.

Examples of cryptocurrency include Binance, Coinbase, Local Bitcoins. You can charge users for the costs of withdrawing, depositing, and moving cryptocurrency may then be charged. As a result, you can easily build your own safe trading platform using the trusted premium bitcoin exchange software.

2. Starting a bitcoin payment gateway is another cryptocurrency business concept. Businesses use cryptocurrency payment gateways to accept payments online in a variety of cryptocurrencies.

Because security is the key benefit that crypto payment gateways offer, a significant emphasis on security is required.

3. Cryptocurrency wallet: The cryptocurrency trading platform has a crypto wallet feature that allows users to securely store and receive coins. It also keeps track of the cryptocurrency on the trading platform.

In large exchanges, there are two kinds of wallet storage: hot wallets and cold wallets. The hot wallet is an online wallet, whereas the cold wallet is a physical wallet. For safe transactions, the majority of crypto traders utilize cold wallets.

4. Escrow services for cryptocurrencies: The oldest and best business concept in the crypto industry is to start a bitcoin escrow company. It enables users to swap multiple cryptocurrencies in the presence of an escrow administrator.

The crypto transactions will be handled by the escrow administrator. Additionally, each transaction will have its own private key, eliminating the potential of hacking and fraud.

As a result, you may start a company by releasing escrow-enabled services utilizing bitcoin exchange software and earn a lot of money with little effort.

5. Selling services in exchange for cryptocurrencies: Online shopping is used by a large number of individuals to purchase items and necessities. You may post your things for sale on a shopping website or application.

When a consumer buys anything from you, instead of asking for money, you might ask for cryptocurrency. As a result, by launching this company, you will be able to make more money.

6. Provide Crypto Industry Freelance Writing Services: freelancers who can write about cryptocurrency for blogs, internet research, content marketing, SEO, and other purposes are in high demand.

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