6 Tips for Planning a Group Vacation

A getaway with friends can be the greatest adventure of your life, but it can also end up being a stressful event – which way it goes all depends on the planning stage. If you’re set on jetting off with your closest besties, then follow these six planning tips for a fun and relaxing time away.

1. Find the Best Deals

When going away with your friends, the chances are you’ll all have different budgets. While one of you might be able to afford a luxury five-star hotel right next to the beach, you must accommodate the less wealthy of the bunch.

The best way to please everyone is to look out for the best deals. You might find that you can rent apartments for rent in bridgeport ct for less than fancy hotel suites or that if you book activities well in advance, you get twenty percent off. Have a look at Local Coupons for some excellent deals for your trip.

2. Write a To-Do List

On the run-up to the vacation, write a list of all the activities you want to do. Let everyone pitch in at least once before coming together and choosing the best ones – and make sure everyone gets to do at least one thing they want to!

Compromise is key when it comes to picking activities, and don’t be afraid of letting people go off into little groups some days. If two people desperately want to visit a train museum while the rest are only concerned with hitting the beach, nothing is stopping both groups from doing what they want! Just meet up later for cocktails and a catch-up.

3. Consider Sleeping Arrangements

Don’t leave the decision of sleeping arrangements until the moment you arrive at your accommodation, as it could cause arguments. Instead, let everyone know what is available and decide in advance where everyone will stay.

Take into account snorers, light sleepers, and couples. It’s better to pay a little more for separate rooms if some of the group prefer spending the night in a quiet bedroom.

4. Create a Group Chat

An easy way to chat about the upcoming vacation is to create a group chat with all the people going. You’ll be able to suggest activities, keep up to date with arrangements, and share the excitement with everyone.

A group chat means no one gets left out of the conversation, so make one as early as possible.

5. Book in Advance

If you want to save money and enjoy yourself as soon as you get there, make sure to book everything in advance. This includes plane tickets, hotel bookings, and any activities you want to do once you get there.

Once you have an idea of everything you plan on doing, get online and find the best deals going.

6. Divide Responsibilities

Don’t put all the weight of booking and planning onto one person, as they will end up overly stressed. Instead, divide responsibilities between the whole group, so everyone has something to do on the run-up to the vacation.


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