Which EV for a Road Trip?

As climate change is of vital importance the world has started searching for alternative fuels and innovative ways to ensure people can continue to live as they do now but using more eco-friendly technology. This is not an easy task but the automotive industry has made huge progress in the last decade putting much emphasis on electric vehicle (EV) technology.

The question we have is, out of the EV that are currently available is the best for a road trip? Interestingly, LeaseCarUK has found a fun way to simply compare the models that are currently on the market using Top Trumps style images – using these we will look at three vehicles in greater detail in order to reveal our favourite for a road trip.

What’s Important for a Road Trip?

Before we look at the vehicles, we need to know what features are important for a road trip, these are listed below:

  • A long range
  • A quick charging times
  • Battery capacity
  • Value for money (according to survey results from LeaseCarUK)

Hyundai Ioniq

Hyundai Ioniq Top Trumps

This is an appealing car scoring top marks for value for money but is let down by its battery capacity – no loud music when the engine is off! When looking at the charging time in comparison to range, it is best to plan your journey well in advance and book plenty of hotels along the way for charging time.

Nissan Leaf

Nissan Leaf Top Trumps

Scoring 4 flags for value for money this car is already off to a good start, just behind the Hyundai Ioniq. In fact, this vehicle is falling just behind the Hyundai at every step apart from battery capacity, with range coming in at 168 miles for the Nissan and 193 for the Hyundai. Range is very important when considering a road trip as you’re not going to get as far with this Hyundai and with a charging time of 450 minutes, you’re looking to be waiting around for an extra 80 minutes in this vehicle.

Renault Zoe

Zoe Top Trumps

This vehicle is at the top of the board for range allowing up to 224 miles, but in order to generate that many miles you need up to 1380 minutes of charging time! Not sure this charge time is of the most convenience when it comes to a road trip but the battery capacity and range beat the previous EV.

Each vehicle has something to offer which makes the decision especially difficult but for a road trip charging time and range have to take top spot of importance making Hyundai Ioniq the winner in this list. If you want to read more about road trips try out article that looks at road trips in Ireland.



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