The Best Backpacking Tech Gadgets

December 21, 2022

It’s essential to stay light when on the go. After all, whether you’re gone for a week or a month, as a backpacker you’ll need to carry everything with you, day after day. This is why finding some items that pull their weight and make your life easier is a must.

Solar Charger

For those who are planning to be in the woods or on long trails that you’ll be camping out on, away from civilization, a solar charger is definitely a go-to option for most. You’ll be able to keep your USB-charged items powered while on the go, and will avoid having to head into a city to juice up your electronics. When choosing a solar charger, then picking one that offers multiple panels is a must, and additional features, like a built-in flashlight, are a perk you should definitely consider as well.

These high-tech gadgets should definitely help keep you going for longer on your next backpacking adventure.

Purifier Bottle With UV light

There’s nothing worse, when on the road, as running out of water purification tablets and dreading the next time you need to fill up your flask when on the go. This is why having a purifier bottle which can sterilise all germs and viruses just makes sense.

You don’t need to carry extra tablets with your bottle anymore as the water inside the bottle becomes safe and sterilized thanks to UV light, eliminating any worries about contamination.

Disposable Foot Warmers

Camping and backpacking in the cold comes with several challenges, not in the least is staying warm at night when temperatures usually drop.

While a reusable foot warmer is nice to have, a set of disposable ones that you can use one per night of backpacking, is sometimes the smarter choice. This is because you won’t need to search for additional power outlets in the woods when your electronic foot warmer dies, or have to make the tough choice between warming your feet, and charging your phone.

LED Beanie

Stumbling around in the dark or in a sudden mist or fog makes life hard, to say the least. Which is where a LED beanie comes in to save the day. Skip having to pack both a headlamp and beanie when you choose to use an LED beanie, since the battery life is long-lasting in the gadget, and the hat will help keep your head warm as you’re on the move.

It’s safe to use in the rain as well, and as it’s USB rechargeable it’s a breeze to charge up after light use during your backpacking week. Most come with a 12-hour battery life for light usage, or four-hour battery life on a high-intensity beam.  


Charge Bank and Mobile Hotspot

Having your phone go flat or not having any signal can make staying in touch with those you love tricky and it can cause issues if you run into trouble. Eliminate the need to carry additional items by combining a portable hotspot creator and charge bank into one nifty item. This means not only can you stay connected, you can also enjoy live dealer roulette and other games while relaxing after a long day on the trails.

A 2-in-1 charge bank and hotspot can easily be charged at your next backpackers hotel and most allow the gadget to be used while charging, so you don’t need to miss out on being connected.


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