Camping Trip Tips

December 25, 2018

In order to ensure that your next camping adventure is as much fun as possible, simply continue reading to discover a helpful list of handy camping trip tips.

Camping trip tips:

1. Pack a solar powered or battery powered lantern

You may want to consider using a lantern to illuminate the inside of your tent in the evenings. As torches tend to point light in one direction, while a lantern can sit on the floor of your tent and will light up the whole of your tent.

2. Never use a non-stick pot or pan over a campfire

Never make the mistake of trying to use non-stick pots or pans over a campfire as doing so can release toxic chemicals. Instead, opt to utilize cast iron pots and pans when you camp.

3. Use a hydration bladder on your day-time adventures

If you find carrying a drink bottle around when you hike, cycle or kayak difficult, you may want to purchase a hydration bladder which you can carry on your back and sip on at your leisure.

4. Place large stones around the outside of your campfire

If you plan on making a campfire in order to roast marshmallows or to cook meals, it’s well worth surrounding the perimeter of your campfire with large stones that will prevent your fire from spreading too far.

5. Inspect your sports equipment well before your next camping trip

In order to avoid arriving at your campsite to find that your mountain bike has a puncture or that your kayak is missing an oar, it’s well worth inspecting all of your sports equipment, before your next camping trip. As that way, you’ll be able to locate any missing pieces or repair damaged pieces of equipment before your trip. Also make sure to check your car out before you road trip to your destination.

It’s also a great idea to check that you have all the necessary pieces to put up your tent. As you’ll be in a sticky situation if you go to put up your tent and find that you have a pole or two missing from your tent’s bag.

6. Make sure that you’re prepared for wet weather, even in the summertime

Even if you plan on camping during the warm, hot summer months, it’s still well worth packing wet weather gear such as a waterproof jacket as there’s always a possibility that it may rain on your next camping trip. If you want to protect your tent from a downpour, it’s also a great idea to pack a large plastic tarpaulin which you’ll be able to drape over your tent. If you are not using tents and instead have a camper or caravan you may even want to extend with a caravan annex for added protection.

7. Make sure that there are no fire bans in place before creating a fire

Make sure that the area which you’re camping in permits fires as you don’t want to be visited by a law enforcement officer such as a park ranger or a policeman or woman.

8. Pitch your tent before nightfall

It’s far easier to pitch your tent in direct sunlight than to try and scramble to pitch your tent during nightfall.

If you follow the tips listed above, you should enjoy a carefree, fun camping trip with your loved ones! To learn more about World Picture News, check out our about page.



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