How To Have An Affordable Yet Special Family Vacation

Family vacations are important experiences, and every parent will want to whisk their kids away for an unforgettable holiday that shows them the great beauty of the world. Family holidays are a great chance to spend quality time with the kids, to make new memories and to teach them important life skills, but they certainly can be expensive when you factor in travel, accommodation, food, entertainment and any other costs involved. While a family holiday will always be a cost, there are various ways that you can bring these costs down while still providing a valuable experience that you will all enjoy together.

Book In Advance

When you book aspects of your family holiday in advance, you can often find more affordable deals, plus you will have a much greater choice available to you. Alternatively, last-minute deals can help you to make savings, but you will not have much control or variety over the aspects of the trip. You will not have the luxury of traveling outside of school holidays, so booking as far in advance is always intelligent.

Opt For A Staycation

Of course, you do not necessarily have to leave the States for a special trip. Due to the large, beautiful, and diverse country that America is, there will always be somewhere new and exciting to take the kids. In addition to being more affordable, you also have the benefit of having no language barrier and the same culture, which can make these trips stress-free and easier to plan.

Use Coupons, Deals & Promo Codes

The internet is a great resource for saving money when booking a holiday because there are always coupons, deals, and promo codes that you can easily find for aspects like hotels, car rentals, and flights. A Hotwire promo code can be a brilliant way to make big savings and could allow you to afford a nice hotel than you previously would have been able to.

Self-Catering Accommodation

Self-catering accommodation is a good option for a family holiday because it allows you to avoid having to eat out for every meal. Not only this, but with self-catering accommodation, you can also enjoy greater privacy and have a home-away-from-home, so you don’t feel like you have to be out exploring (and spending money) at all times.

Cheap/Free Entertainment

There will always be events and activities which will cost some money, but you can also find lots of ways to entertain yourself and the kids for free or for very little. It will depend on your location, but this might include:

Relaxing on the beach

Long walks


Local parks

Self-guided sightseeing

Avoid Tourist Traps

Following this, you will want to avoid tourist traps at all times as these are expensive, but they also do not provide an authentic experience. This is why you should research your destination beforehand and ask any friendly locals for their recommendations.

Follow these tips, and you could have an affordable family holiday but one which is still fantastic fun, highly valuable, and a special experience for both you and the kids.


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